Happy 4th of July!

My family came in Friday night, and I have been so busy playing with them I haven't had time to make any posts. On Friday they didn't get here until 10, so we just went to the creamery and had ice cream. Did I mention my family is so crazy...My brothers and sisters are so weird they even ranked themselves from weird to weirdester--Chandler is weird, Parker is weirder, Paige is weirdest and Hayden is weirdester. I don't know what that says about how weird I am. (Maggie you don't need to comment on that-I already know you think I am the weirdest person alive...but hey that's why we are such good friends, right?)
On Saturday I went with my family and my aunt, uncle and cousin to Park City to do some shopping! The reason why this is exciting is because I am a poor college student so whenever my parents say "we're going shopping" that really means "we need to buy you lots of stuff Heather, because you have no money to buy it yourself", and it's true, I don't. I got 2 new skirts, a nice shirt, and some patriotic pajama bottoms-just what every girl needs. Because my parents are probably reading this I must add...Thank you so much for everything you do for me, I really appreciate your support in my education.
After shopping (which was about a 5 hour affair) we came home for the Fourth of July festivities! Being from Arizona I have never actively participated in firework displays...Fireworks are highly illegal in the big AZ. We had a barbeque, and set off our own fireworks, then my sister and my friend David and I met up with Jana, Toria and Cora to watch the Stadium of Fire fireworks at the field by DT. The fireworks were pretty good, but seemed a little short, I guess in Arizona since we can't light any of our own, we make the shows longer...I don't know. We didn't get home until an hour and a half after it ended. There were soo many people. Just imagine, not only the stadium packed to its fullest capacity, but all of the fields and parks near the stadium stuffed too. Yeah, we had no chance. And then my cousin tells me it took them 20 minutes to get home. dumb!
On Sunday I went to sacrament with my family at my Aunt's ward. Then my family and I left so we could go on a picnic. We had a nice drive, and ate some yummy sandwiches and then picked up Parker's friend, Mike from the airport. We went back to my Aunt's and finished off the rest of the fireworks, and my mom and I killed my cousin and her fiancee at rook! Monday morning we went out to breakfast before Parker and Mike had to be registered at BYU for EFY. Then I went with Greg, David, Toria and Jana to the Arches National Park. It was pretty cool, I'm always up for an adventure. We didn't end up leaving until 12 so we got there around 3:30 and hiked around and saw a bunch of different arches and then went into Moab for dinner before heading home. We didn't get home until 11:00, I was soo tired! But, I had a great weekend so it was all worth it!



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