Just what I needed

"Those who would have nothing to do with thorns may never gather flowers"

I don't know who it's by, but I like it just the same.

So, I've come to a cross-roads in my life. I have some major decisions to be making, and I am having a hard time choosing between my options. The problem is, both of my options are good things. Both of them would benefit me and others. In both cases I would be growing, learning and preparing. I can't outweigh one option with the other. I am having a hard time with this and it has been taking a lot out of me. I guess the good thing is, I know that whichever I choose will make me happy; they may be in different ways, but still happy. So, anyway. This is what has been occupying my time and energies lately, and with school and work on top of that, I'm just super busy.
I went to the Referral Center at the MTC on Sunday morning. It was so much fun! Non-LDS people would call in asking for a free book of Mormon, or a free Finding Faith in Christ video, and I got to tell them about the Book/video and bare testimony and ask them if they would like church "representatives" to come tell them more about Jesus Christ and His teachings. I was pretty nervous starting out, but then got more comfortable, and just thoroughly enjoyed the experience!

Being sick

Oooo. Isn't my blog pretty?
So, the other day I was sick. I came home from my classes in the morning, and felt like my insides were going to explode. So, I stayed home from work. I curled up in my bed and slept for maybe 20 minutes before Maggie and Dan got home. So, I met Dan and I talked to them for a bit, and still felt gross so I curled up with Maggie's "ugly blanket" and went to sleep. This blanket is soo good. It is comfy and warm, I love it! (Despite the random hot pink and forest green colors as well as a miriad of other colors) Anyway, the blanket smells just like my grandparents RV too, so it was so soothing, and reminded me of good times with my grandparents.
Getting sick growing up was a little bit of a different process for my family. With Hayden at home there was no way I would be allowed in the house with any kind of sick germs. So, every time I got sick I was shipped over to my grandparents house to be taken care of by Grandma Higgins. My Dad will know exactly what happened there. I was forced to drink tons of grape juice (which I like, so I was okay with it), then my grandma would get out a bunch of sheets to put on the couch and wrap me in a couple afghans. And she made me sleep! Man, I was used to going outside and climbing up trees, playing dress ups with all of my aunts old dance costumes, or playing in the irrigation when I went to Grandma and Grandpa's house. It was tough times. But I loved it anyway.
We had our second soccer game last night. We only lost 5-0 this time! woohoo! Small steps, small steps...

I got my birthday package from Bean this week. I got a huge ostrich egg with a giraffe carved on it, tons of great pictures, and lots of Chocolate from South Africa, my favorite of which would be the tempo bar, it was delicious!

My room smells like the inside of my old soccer bag (not a good thing). Guess I should have left my soccer shoes outside after practice today. -Sorry Mags

P.s. Did anyone else notice that today is Sept. 11th?

doing nothing

Doing nothing seems to be the best college activity. It requires little to no effort, anyone can do it, it's FREE! It wastes valuable study time (always a good thing...), it makes whatever it is not boring actually because it has a title-- "What are you doing tonight?" "I dont know probably Nothing."
Last night I made waffles for me, my roommates and that guy who came with the apartment. They were pretty darn good, but my waffle maker is the belgian variety so I was thinking "I wish I had some homemade whip cream and fresh strawberries to put on these babies!" But we didn't have either of those two things so they just got topped with butter and syrup.
Today we have soccer practice (for the men's intramural team that I am coaching). After losing 7-0 in our game on Wednesday I see we have a lot of work to do--if we don't want to lose as bad as last time. So last week we said practice at 10 am and everybody showed up at 10:30. I hate that about Utah! Why can't people just BE ON TIME! I'm a pretty passive person, so I never mentioned how annoying it was that I was there at 10, they all showed up at 10:30 and practice didn't end then until 12. Anyway. Hopefully everyone will come, and be there at 10.

Yesterday was crazy. In fact most days are crazy.
The other night I had this dream (it is very abnormal for me to remember my dreams so you can just imagine how weird and warped this dream was), and we were watching the news-by we I mean me and my dad and maybe my mom was there too, I can't remember. Anyway, we were watching the news. So they're talking about some far off place, South America or something, there was this animal that was killing tons of people (I think the announcer said something like 98 people killed by one animal). It lived under water, and these people that it was killing were workers that worked on top of these huge lilypad like things on top of the water--I think they were harvesting something- I don't know what. (Sorry the details of the dream are a little hazy, but I can't believe how much of it I remember!) So this animal would come up from the water and pull the person off of their lily pad and drag them under the water. None of the bodies ever came back up so they didn't know how the animal was killing it's victims. So anyway. I'm sitting at home watching this on the news right? wrong! All of the sudden instead of watching it from the safety and comfort of my home I am magically transported to my own lilypad down in South America somewhere looking at the water below me. Then instead of pulling me down the animal comes out of the water and is looking directly into my eyes. This is the scariest animal ever. It looks like a monkey with a huge mouth with tons of sharp teeth. It had this yellow kind of hair, but it lived underwater. Anyway, in my dream the monkey animal kills me and I remember thinking, "so, that's how the monkey kills all of those people" because he didn't eat me or anything, he just carved me up with his huge set of teeth. Then I woke up after I figured out what he was doing to all of those people.
I'm not sure why I'm telling you this, but I think I can come up with a couple of reasons. 1)It's rather unique that I can remember the dream. 2) It was, to quote Emperor Koozko "scary beyond all reason". 3) I think it was my brain telling me I have way too many things going on and although I'm all cool and collected on the outside, the inside of my body is on hyper-drive and it's about to overheat.

So this last week as you all know was my first week back at school. It went really well and I am pretty excited for this semester. Yep, things are looking up for Heather Higgins.
My friend, Bryant, told me about him wanting to start an intramural soccer team and that he was wanting a coach for the team. So after he signed up for the team he made me the coach. We had our first practice on Saturday. It went really well, and Bryant said the guys on the team like me as a coach. So anyway, we start out practice with a half field scrimage 5 on 5, no goalie. This let me see their skill level and some of the things they needed to work on. Most of the guys on the team haven't played soccer in a long time, a few had cleets and some even had shin gaurds. We have a marathon runner on our team, and he just kept going and going. We also have a rugby player on our team and he is super aggressive (great defender!). I found out that Bryant signed us up to be in division one because that was all that was left. So, division one equals highest team level. So, apparently our team of guys who haven't really played soccer before are going to be playing against other soccer teams that have guys that have been playing soccer their whole life. It's going to be a rough season.
So yesterday I made Sunday dinner for my apartment. Before going to church I made my family's famous carmel brownies, so I could put them in the fridge while I was cooking everything else after church. When we got home from church we were all starving so we decided to cut into the carmel brownies before dinner. I think I used too much evaporated milk with the cake mix, because they were a bit crumbly. I think dinner was a success. I made up my own recipe for mashed potatoes and used a spicy carribean marinade for the chicken that we put on top of our spinach salad. The mashed potatoes were heavenly! And following dinner we finished off the carmel brownies. Today is a holiday and I feel like being lazy, but I've got to get some studying done. Ah well.

Back to School

I love how BYU looks when school starts up again. There are tons of people walking around with maps and absolutely no idea where they are going. There's swarms of kids heading to class- yesterday I was late to my Chemistry class in the BNSN building because there was a major traffic jam in the JKHB where I had just had my D&C class. There are tons of flowers all over campus and everything just looks so fresh. The only thing I don't like are the lines at the book store. "Welcome to the BYU Bookstore, if you are looking for the end of the line to buy books it is currently at the back of aisle 31 on the east end of the bookstore, you will see one of our bookstore employees holding up a sign there," is what's being announced over the intercom as you arrive, pick out your books (which is a tricky thing in and of itself), find the end of the line, as you wait in the line, and while you actually finally get to purchase your books. Then it's what you hear again the next day as you wait in another line to return some of the books it turns out you don't actually need.
School is going great. I have only gone to three days of classes, but so far I am loving them. I am especially excited for my two religion classes: second half of D&C and Sharing the Gospel with Brother Bott. I have been told since my freshman year here that I have to take Sharing the Gospel with Bott, "it's part of the BYU experience" I have gone to Sharing the Gospel twice now, and I already love it! It is ranking right up there with Bioethics, Molecular Biology, and first half New Testament with Sister Strathearn. I am beginning to realize that none of my classes that I am taking right now are ranked in the Super Hard category. In fact I don't think I have any in the Hard category.
Let's see... Physiology, Physics, and Intro O-Chem: Medium Hard. Art History: Medium Hard to Not so Hard. D&C: Not so Hard. and Sharing the Gospel: Super Easy and Awesome (or maybe it should be, super easy because it is so awesome--either way). I'll keep you updated if any of those rankings change throughout the semester though.
Anyway, I am enjoying school thus far, which is great because I was afraid I was going to be so sick of it at the end of the summer, I would need more than just a two week break to get back in school mode.
Well, Greg is in Claifornia getting ready to go on his mission to Samoa, so we don't have Tuesday Night Dinner at Greg's anymore. But we did have a couple of the usuals for dinner here last night, we just had pizza from Little Ceasar's though, not the gormet stuff that Greg used to make. Tonight we're having mid-week fiesta though, I'm making egg enchiladas again because they were such a hit last time.

Sorry about my lack of posts--I had tons of fun in the Big AZ though!


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