Here's last weeks belly photo. I got it up before the 16 weeks, so that's something.

Week 15:

I made a "photo set" on my flickr account called Pregnant Belly. If you go here you can see all of the belly photos together consecutively. It's fun to look at the thumbnails all next to each other and see my belly's progress.

Next week we leave Friday for our big summer vacation. My family is planning a Higgins reunion (it's kind of a reunion, but it doesn't involve any extended family, just my parents and all of my siblings) starting a week from tomorrow. We are going to go camping for 5 days at the Carlsbad Beach in CA. The campsite is right next to the beach, I am way excited! Our vacation starts Friday though, because we'll be driving from here to Southern California by way of Carson City, NV; Pleasanton, CA; Oakhurst, CA; and Fresno, CA. At each stop we'll have someone to see too. On Friday we'll stay the night with Grammy. On Saturday we'll spend the day with our friends in Pleasanton and stay the night with my cousins Brittany, Ben and Baylee (Were you guys going for a 'B' theme there?). Then Sunday we'll drive to Oakhurst (Matt's hometown) and spend the day with his dad and some of his family, then drive to Fresno and spend the night with his mom and sister. Then we'll finally make our way down to Carlsbad and spend the whole week with my family. It is going to be such a fun trip! I am so excited about everyone we get to see and spend some time with. Matt and I are both so excited for a nice break. Even though the first few days probably won't be that relaxing, I'm sure the week at the beach will be. Also Matt and I went to Sports Authority and bought me some board shorts that I really like and they fit me. I will be the cutest pregnant lady on the beach.

Weeks 13 & 14

Here are my belly pictures from weeks 13 and 14. Matt wanted me to start wearing the same shirt every time so that the change from week to week would be more noticeable. (sorry these are a week late, hopefully I'll get on the ball soon and start posting them the day after they're taken, instead of a week)

13 weeks:

14 Weeks:

I have a feeling I'm going to have a huge belly.


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