Oh Boy!

Today I received a gorgeous package from Jordan Ferney at Oh Happy Day. She had a contest a while back to find some cleaning supplies for her. You can find the post here. I was so excited to win something; I love prizes!

Here's some photos of the pretty things:

Her packaging is so cute!

She wrote little notes on each gift.

Look at the cute bird necklace, mini Eiffel tower and vase. I'm excited to try out the toothpaste; I've heard good things about it. I forgot what the red thing is called, it's kind of like a kaleidoscope, a very cute idea. Jordan says she always keeps the salve in her purse. I'm sure it will come in handy and make me look very posh and up-to-date as well.

Thanks so much Jordan! I love all the prizes. I'm not sure I deserve all this for finding a mop, but I sure am happy. Yay!

Happy Half-Birthday

At my elementary school each kid got to bring treats to school on their birthday and share them with the class. For the poor students whose birthdays were over the summer they were either left out or had a designated day to bring in their treats at the end of the year. My mom didn't want me to be left out of all of the festivities, so she would bring treats for me on my half birthday. I remember one year she made these cupcakes that were baked inside of an ice cream cone and topped with marshmallow creme and sprinkles. I was the coolest kid in my class on that particular day. Ever since then I have considered my half-birthday almost as important as my real birthday. Since today is my half-birthday, I'm totally going to have a party! Maybe I'll make a cake.

I really love Groundhog Day. I think my family is one of the only I know that celebrates this day. Matt and I would usually order some groundhog pizza and eat that for dinner then watch Groundhog Day, but we're going to a friends reception tonight. I think we'll skip the Groundhog pizza, but we'll still watch the movie afterwards. If anyone has a hankering to celebrate today you can come over around 9ish to watch it with us.

The Search is Over

Well, I got a job... Don't laugh. Wait, do you want to guess?
I wear a "uniform".
I help customers.
This hint will give it away, the uniform is red and khaki.
I totally got a job at Target, well only if I passed the Drug Test, which I have a pretty good feeling about. Now I just need to find some cute red shirts and khakis.


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