I'm getting really...restless.
Is that a normal anxious reaction towards something exciting that you know is coming?

I have a hard time concentrating. At work when there's not much to do I'm positive I really annoy my co-worker by asking her repeatedly if she has anything else for me to do. Today I was so desperate for work that I went out in the warehouse (yes, where there is no ac) to file credit card slips. This forcing another offensive thing on my co-workers...my sweaty smelly body. Ok, it wasn't that bad, but still. We have been really busy at work, and it has been really good for me, but I seem to be working much faster than I have before. I am always out of things to do before everyone else is halfway done with their work-load. I think the impending joy and happiness that is to come is currently making me crazy.

Matt came to Arizona this past weekend. Everytime I see him I get more excited about marrying him. He's my favorite! We didn't do anything really special. Well, I mean nothing special to write about. I definitely had a great time with him and it was very special for me. Anyway, we got our marriage license and finished up buying things for Matt's wedding day attire. We got me some pretty earrings and matching necklace to wear for the wedding day. We got to spend lots of time with the fam. Everyone really likes Matt, I think that's a good thing.

I have three wedding related appointments this weekend. I have a dress fitting, a reception hall final appointment, and a trial hair appointment. I am so excited for all of these, I feel like I'm getting things done, and everything is all coming down to the most important day of my life.


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