Driving home from work yesterday I witnessed one of the best features of Arizona summers. I was driving in the awesomest Monsoon storm ever. The rain was pouring down, just dumping on my car. With the wind as strong as it was I thought for sure the water was going to penetrate the seals at the doors and windows and begin to fill my car up with the monsoon rain! It was AWESOME! I love monsoon season! While I was driving I got on a road that was under construction. All of the cars were forced onto one side of the road making four lanes of two-way traffic into two. Arizona roads are built to have the maximum amount of run-off because when we get rain it is usually a "flash-flood". So we're driving on the slightly sloped road, (the highest part being in the middle and lowest on the edges..it makes sense) the cars in my lane are closer to the middle of the road while the cars going the other direction are in a lane hugging the curb. So you can imagine that the people in my lane can hardly see for the torrential downpoor, and are actually glad for the orange beacons paving the lane. While traffic in the other direction has no choice but to drive through the immense amount of water that is being forced to their side of the road before making it into the sewer. When I got home I watched the news to see more on the conditions in the Mesa area since the rain was so intense, and it turns out the road I had been driving on was undriveable (which is a word that means could not be driven on). A car stalled in the lane that was going opposite of mine because it's engine was waterlogged!
The best part about Arizona rain is that it is warm, so you can play in it and not be upset when you get all wet. Oh man, I love storms in Arizona.

Matt and I received our first wedding gift yesterday. We got an Oral-B electric toothbrush from my dentist! I am so excited to get married and use my new electric toothbrush! Maggie can testify to how much I love clean teeth. In fact I recall a quote from Freshman year about my roommate and I, "Brushing your teeth, it's a conspiracy!"

For Katie

This is me taking a photo of my new hair for Matt

He's finally going to get to see it for reals now! He comes here on Thursday! After he comes and leaves we have less than three weeks until the wedding! It's so exciting, to quote Maggie, "I can't handle it."
Anyway, this post was in response to Katie's request. Sorry, it took so long to get to it. I'm not even sure if you'll be able to tell that it's quite a bit blonder, still really long, and much thinner!

I was about to take a nap, when I heard my blog calling to me... You know it's really bad when you're blog is calling to you.

More wedding news and some other stuff:
-I picked up the fabric for the bridesmaids' skirts, it is gorgeous. I am jealous that I don't get to be one of the bridesmaids and get a gorgeous navy blue skirt to wear after the wedding.
-I have been driving around in my dad's non-air conditioned jeep with the top down for the past couple of days because my beautifully air conditioned car is having some work done on it. When I went to pick up the fabric yesterday I was afraid it was going to start raining and ruin the fabric because monsoon season just started. It began raining the second I pulled the jeep into the garage though, Phew!
Driving the jeep has been pretty intense. It has been reaching around 115 degrees out, making it feel almost better to just be at a stand-still in the jeep than rushing down the freeway because the wind is like hot oven air blowing on you after you've been running outside for the past three hours. Very unpleasant. Luckily I grew up in Arizona, I am quite used to this weather, and I get my car back on Monday after work.
-I got to watch Nixon and Cotton overnight on Friday. It was so fun. These are some of the cutest kids around. Maybe Matt can help me post some pictures I took of them while I was babysitting them this weekend.

This was the best photo I could come up with for now. It was a family photo we had taken for Christmas. Nixon looks awesome, and Cotton you can't really see much of, but he's a beautiful baby.

One of my favorite Nixon moments: A bunch of us are downstairs in Parker's room listening to him play his drumset. At one point Parker stops playing and we hear Nixon from the bottom of the stairs yell, "Farky (he can't say Sparky, his nickname), it's too loud. I'm crying now." Totally serious he stomps back up the stairs...oh man, that's a good one.

-The invitations are frustrating. I don't even want to talk about it.
-I got my hair colored this weekend. I love it! I am excited for my wedding! I am going to go to my friend's salon this weekend to book a trial appointment for my updo.
Can you believe there's less than five weeks until I'm married? Cause I can't! (That was for you, Margs)

Here's another photo of Nixon, he was already riding a two-wheeler without training wheels when he was two!

So, I think I'll take that nap now. I have been keeping so busy, time is flying by. I am so excited to get married to Matt, and more excited all the time.

Okay, so this whole planning a wedding thing is really getting in the way of my blogging...
Right now I should be revising my invitation address list, but I haven't posted in ages.

I went to Utah this past weekend to see Matt. It went by way too fast.

We got Matt his suit for the wedding. We decided to go ahead and buy him a nice new suit because after the wedding he can wear it to church and his other suit is from his mission. It's a beautiful navy blue suit.
Matt and I mostly just spent a lot of time together. We have a lot of fun together and get along perfectly. I never knew someone could love me so much. On Sunday before church I asked Matt how I looked. Of course he said I looked beautiful, so I asked him why he thought I was so pretty. He stood me in front of a mirror and said, "if you can't see perfection, you can't see what I can see." I almost started balling when he said that. When we were driving to the airport I only cried a little when I was thinking about leaving Matt again; he only cried a little too. It was so good to see him, and I am so excited that in less than three weeks I get to see him again and three weeks after that we're getting married! I can't wait to be with him always.

I have a lot to do this week-many vital things to accomplish for the wedding. The one person who I need the most to help me with everything is gone. My mom is on vacation for two weeks!Actually my whole family is gone, but every girl knows they need their mom to help with all of the wedding plans, and I really, really need my mom.

So, I have been getting really busy with everything and still spending all of my spare time on the phone with Matt (hey, I can't help that I am so in love with him that I have to be talking to him constantly). So, I will continue to try and update.

Oo Oo! I almost forgot my funny story of the weekend!
Matt and I went shopping for his suit at the mall. First we stopped in Mr. Mac, and then we headed over to Meier & Frank. On our way to Meier & Frank there was a Scion (the one that looks like a toaster) parked in the middle of the mall. We stopped for a second while Matt read about the "catch" that went along with entering to win the Scion. As we were stopped there an old lady walked up to us and asked, "do you think you have to wind it up?" and then laughed as she just walked away like she had been waiting for hours for someone to stop there so she could tell them her funny joke.
Okay, that wasn't that funny, but we laughed.


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