Sixlets or M&M's

Many have pondered the question of which sweet confection is tastier, is it the sixlets or the M&M's?
Maggie and I have had many discussions on this topic. We are both clearly for the sixlets. These tiny candies are much tastier to me than the plain old M&M. I find that each hard candy shell has a distinct flavor. Maybe I'm just imagining that the orange candy shell has a citrusy flavor and the red a cherry flavor, but to me it's there. Then you may ask yourself, "what does the brown colored one taste like...?" I honestly do not know; it is a flavor all its own, and I love it. By careful examination of the wrapper to the sixlets I see that they come straight from Toronto. Immediately I have lost a vote from Matt, who thinks nothing good comes out of Canada.
Anyway, as I sit here in the Wilk waiting for Matt to get off of work and come pick me up, I slowly and thoughtfully eat my little sixlets.

P.s. Maggie what is carob? It's one of the ingredients.

So, this is Matt's side of the room we like to call our office...

I still don't know the answer to the question of who's the bigger dork in our family. I think part of the problem is that we're under two different classifications of dorkiness. He would be called a geek, while I would be called a nerd. So, the battle's still on. I would just like to point out the SEVEN computers on Matt's side, as well as the multiple monitors. I think this gives Matt a few more marks on the dorkiness chart. Luckily, you can't take a photo of the things that make me dorky really. You'd more have to record me talking about stuff. Although, I do think my leaf/plant collection from last semester can be used as evidence. Well, the least I can say for the two of us is: neither of us use pocket protectors and we both wear pants that are past the ankles.

Buddy Study

I agree with Maggie. It is easier to get up the motivation to study when there are two of you needing to study. Matt's not in school, so when he gets home all I want to do is hang out with him. This means all studying must be done during the day. BUT what about the laundry, oh and I need to eat lunch. Also, I've been meaning to deep-clean our bathroom, organize the office, put away unneeded holiday decorations and put up needed holiday decorations, as well as solve world hunger and bring world peace. So, I couldn't possibly study right now.
Margs and I used to head to the library almost every night to study. We had our little nook on the first floor of the HBLL (which they've put computers on almost all of the desks there now!), Maggie usually brought some fruit snacks, and we would share earphones and im each other while sitting next to each other and studying. Funny, I actually got a lot of studying done that way. So, I'm supposed to be writing an abstract for a 39-page research paper about turberculosis for my evolution class now... But that world hunger is still looming over my head, so I think I'll work on that instead.

On the prowl

Each week I am required to turn in an abstract of a peer-reviewed journal article for my evolution class. I've been searching the library database for articles I can use throughout the semester. We are to compile the abstracts into an annotated bibliography at the end of the semester on a topic of interest or in our field of study that relates to the class. The topic I chose to research is bacterial resistance to antimicrobials/antibiotics. I chose this topic because it is so fascinating how the little boogers figure out how the antibiotics are working to combat them in our bodies. Then they can modify themselves in a way that makes them nearly invincible to the drugs we try to battle them with. SIDENOTE: This is evidence to why I am a huge dork. I was reading about the history of HIV for the class last night and was explaining the processes of the virus to Matt, and I don't think he was nearly as excited by the topic as I was. I mean, how did those viruses get so smart?! END SIDENOTE. So, I've been researching diligently for the past hour and I have discovered two new articles to use... that's it, just two. I hope this isn't a steady trend since I have several more weeks worth of these to write an abstract on. Ah well, such is the life of a college undergrad.
On a happier note- I really love my intro to seminary teaching class.

P.s. I wrote this post twice because BYU is stupid and doesn't allow pop-ups, so I lost the whole thing when I tried to do spell check. It was more well written the first time around, sorry.

First day back to school. I have one class today. Yes, one. I am taking four classes that add up to 9 credits: History and Philosophy of Biology, Evolution, Plant Anatomy, and Intro to Seminary Teaching. I am super excited for three of the four classes. I don't know, plant anatomy is nice and all, but I just can't get my excitement level up for the xylem and phloem, call me crazy. (Speaking of 'call me crazy' I recently acquired a pair of socks that say 'call me crazy' all over them, they were $1 at target.)
So my one class today is history and philosophy of bio. Tuesdays and Thursdays are my cramped days. I have all classes but my his/phil of bio on Tuesday and all of them on Thursday because of a his/phil of bio lab. No classes on Wednesday or Friday! This a major break through people. I have never had a semester with a single day without any classes. This semester I have 2 days, TWO WHOLE DAYS of freedom, my friends. Ok, so I still have to go to campus to work on those days, but still you are all jealous.
After this semester I have approximately 12 more credits to take, and I am graduating! Finally! It feels so good knowing there is an end to all this craziness. I love school, and I am so glad I have learned everything that I have, but a break from school life sure would be nice.
In proper going to school fashion, I ate my cup of mandarin oranges like they were gooey bugs today. Thank you, Maggie for showing me the proper way to eat mandarin oranges.


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