Studying and writing on my blog at the same time, I am so multi-tasking right now...

As evidenced by the fact that I haven't posted anything since this term started, you may have noticed that I have been very busy. So busy in fact that I am in desperate need of a vacation. Oh wait! Just my luck, I am going on a vacation! Matt and I are heading down to Vegas Friday morning to meet up with my family. We are going to go see the Phantom of the Opera! I am so excited! We've never seen the play before, so we are totally stoked. Good thing Matt already likes The Phantom of the Opera, we went with some friends to see the movie and the other guys there thought it was boring and/or dumb.

Oh yeah and I am so excited to collect some bugs while I am down there too. Actually, I'm not that excited about it. I am for reals excited about Port of Subs though. YUMMY.
All right I have to actually study now.


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