5 Weeks Early

Last Friday after work I had a severe stabbing pain in my upper right abdomen. We called my doctor, and she said to take some tylenol, drink plenty of water and lie down. The pain seemed to go away, but on Saturday night I had some bleeding. We called the doctor-on-call and he suggested we go in to labor and delivery to get checked out. Thinking I would just be given a pat on the back and sent on my way, we didn't bother to bring anything with us. Imagine our surprise when they told us I was 6 cm dialated! I hadn't even had any pain yet (besides the stabbing pain which went away anyway); I hadn't felt any contractions. Of course two hours later I was beginning to feel lots of pain. When we found out the news we called my mom and she and my dad started looking for the first flight out here. We didn't think she would be able to make it in time, but I finally asked for an epidural and everything just stopped. (Literally I went from 7 1/2 cm to 8 cm in about 18 hours, and now I don't want to ever have an epidural again.) My mom made it in the next morning, and was there for most of the experience. I tried to get some sleep, but I was a little anxious. The doctor was fine with waiting for the baby to come in his own time (since he was early), so after being at the hospital for almost 24 hours she finally broke my water and little Ezra came out shortly after that. Unfortunately since he was 5 weeks early he was rushed to the NICU right after being born. He's been in for a week now, and progressing really nicely. He was only on a respirator for a few hours, he's finally off of phototherapy, and he will be off his IV today. As he is progressing I will get to feed him more often, which means lots of time at the hospital. As soon as he can eat from me exclusively we will be able to take him home. The doctors say to plan for him coming home by his due date but believe it will only be two or three more weeks.

Anyway, we want to say thanks to all of our friends and family for your support. It has been tough not being able to take him home. He sure is a cutie though. I'll post pictures next time. I'm writing from the hospital, and I'm not sure how to get pictures on here without saving them to the computer.


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