So, I got sick over the weekend. It hit Friday afternoon. It was in remission Saturday. Then it came into full swing Sunday afternoon. I taught my lesson, and came home with head pounding from the sinus pressure and breathing heavily out of my mouth because my nose was all clogged up. Jana made us a fabulous Easter dinner with lamb, pita bread, hummus, and asparagus; it was delicious. Afterwards we decided to play the best game of all time, Rook. While playing I began to notice I was having a hard time breathing, it felt like I was having an asthma attack, which was weird since my asthma is exercise induced. After we were playing for a while I began to feel lightheaded and I was unable to catch my breath. I didn't really think much of it, because having lived with asthma for 6 years now, I figured it would eventually go away, and I'd be fine.
My roommates and Matt on the other hand were pretty worried. I had run out of my inhaler medication about a month ago, and didn't know anyone else who had asthma and could let me use some of their medication. So, since it wasn't getting any better we decided it would be best that we go to the hospital to fix the problem. It really wasn't that big of a deal. We went to the ER, I gave them my name and insurance info. I talked to a nurse, she took my blood pressure, my temperature, my resting pulse rate (which was about 100 beats/minute) and my O2 levels (which were normal). Then we waited for about 20 minutes, a doctor listened to me breathe, told me I should have the mole on my face removed, lectured me on caring for myself with asthma, I was given a breathing treatment, and then I was sent home.
Monday I was still not feeling too well, Tuesday I was getting worse, and Wednesday I couldn't get out of bed. My body was just tired and aching. So, I spent the day sleeping.
All of this information precedes a statement I made last night. Feeling rather groggy, but much better after a day of rest, I tried to help soothe Jana, who had received some unpleasant news during the day. During the soothing process we started to play a game of rumikub. While playing Maggie walks in the door from her speech class, and I greet her with "How was your speech? Were you the prize of the petition?"
I will admit to the fact that I did actually say it, but I must refer you back to my story of being sick. I was obviously totally out of it, when I said this to Maggie. I mean it's not like I come up with weird random phrases all the time!
P.s. I feel much better today.

The evil stone

Maggie Jo has a kidney stone.
My dad has had about a billion kidney stones. He says that there is really nothing you can do about it. The pain is so excruciating that no matter what you do, you can't get comfortable. He says, "you'll want to lie down, that won't work; you'll want to sit down, that won't work; you'll want to stand up, that won't work either." My dad says she should drink water to stay hydrated and cranberry juice for her kidney, but drinking a lot just makes you have to pee, and then it's painful because you're all clogged up and it's hard to pee. Basically Maggie has to endure this pain until the kidney stone passes. At least it's not appendicitis (which the doctor thought it sounded like when she first talked to him), that would be much scarier. This way she just gets to use a siv when she goes to the bathroom, so she can catch the stone and give it to the doctors so they can analyze it and tell her what the stone is made of. It's kind of cool that they can look at the stone that was inside of someone's body and see what it's made of and why it was there. But, it's not that cool that it is inside of Maggie right now because she is in a lot of pain.

My family is so awesome. I got to spend the weekend with them, and it reminded me of some of the great things I grew up with.
Parker and Chandler were both born with hearing problems. With this came years of inability to pronounce things properly. My brother, who is now 15, just recently started saying finger instead of thinger as he has done all of his life. You can hear him accidentally say things like moncster instead of monster and coing instead of coin. Chandler has always said things like choclick for chocolate, mox for moth, and hairplane for airplane. I think it's pretty funny, although I guess it can be pretty bothersome for them.
While I was home for Christmas break, I was playing a game with my family. The game was getting pretty long and wearisome. After a while my brother blurts out, "this game is so flustrating!" (no, I didn't misspell that, he actually said flustrating. You know, like a mix between fluster and frustrate.) Oh man, we laughed for a long time about that. My brother is pretty awesome.
While I was home my mom took me shopping too, Maggie said to me today that every time I go home I come back with new clothes. It's pretty true. I have no money to buy my own new clothes, and I tend to wear the same thing day in and day out. It's nice to mix up my wardrobe with a new pair of pants every once in a while.


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