So as Matt's post suggests we had a few mishaps getting out of Provo to our vacation in Las Vegas this past weekend. First Matt forgot to turn into the left lane on Center St. out of the gas station we filled up at, so we missed the entrance to I-15 South-bound. Then after we were about 30 minutes down the 15 Matt realized he forgot to grab the tickets for the concert we were going to. Since we were already running behind he thought since the tickets were only $5 each we could just get them when we got to Vegas. Shortly after that he asked me to change the CD we were listening to since we had listened to it several times already. So I asked him were the other CD's were. This is when we realized Matt had forgotten another item back home. Since there's no way Matt could drive for 6 hours listening to the same music this is when we turned around and headed back to Provo. From Provo to St. George it's about 280 miles. My little car could make it there without stopping for gas, but since we had already driven out over 30 minutes and then back, we had to fill up the car again, and turn out onto Center St. again. This time we made it onto I-15 S the first time and this time we didn't forget anything.

We got into Las Vegas pretty late, so we headed to the strip to eat. As Matt mentioned we had to get some flip-flops for me while we were out. I was wearing my nice new tall black shoes, and I've gotten pretty used to them, but Matt walks really fast. My little toes were getting torn up while we sped down the strip so Matt could take pictures in front of the Bellagio and so we could eat. Luckily Ceaser's Palace has a huge mall in it, unfortunately pretty much all of the stores where high-end fashion boutiques like Anthropologie, Diesel and Juicy Couture. For some reason these places don't seem to sale flip-flops, especially not cheap ones to replace the shoes that were seriously killing my feet. We found an Abercrombie & Fitch and we noticed they had men's flip-flops so I found a lady who of coarse didn't speak English and asked her if they had any women's flip-flops. She directed me to some girls who spoke English and they helped me. I just told them I needed their smallest size of flip-flop of any color, if they had any. One of the girls went to the back and came out with a large brown flip-flop. She says "this is the only size we have in brown." I'm thinking "did she just say what I heard her say?" So, I'm really confused. Did she go back and look at only the brown flip-flops? I already said I don't care what color they are I just need some flip-flops... So we go back to the non-English speaking lady and I tell her I need a SSMMMALLEERRR SSSIIIZZEEE, AANNYY CCOOOLLLOORR....I think she understood me. She not only got two smaller sizes, but they were both BROWN. I don't know what was wrong with that other girl who supposedly "spoke English" but she obviously wasn't able to find me a smaller size of any color including brown, which I never even specified as a color that I wanted. So my feet were saved from further torment, and we left A&F to go eat.
The next day the blisters on my pinky toes pretty much covered the entire toe. No wonder I was in so much pain.

So Mattie and I finally left Caesar's Palace we got all the way out to the strip when Mattie realized he had forgotten something once again. He forgot his very nice, not-so-cheap digital camera on the table we had eaten at. Poor Matt, he was not having the best day. I felt bad for him.

The rest of the trip however went off without a hitch. So, we had a lot of fun. Except I thought my ears were going to be plugged up for the rest of my life after the concert we went to. I loved Josh Kelly and Better Than Ezra, but once they were done I was pretty much pooped and ready to go home. We stayed for Collective Soul though, and they were pretty good too.

In case you were wondering the I-15 is pretty much under construction everywhere in Utah.

We have this gorgeous white picture frame hanging up on our wall without a photo in it. It's been hanging up in our living room for about a month, empty. I want to put a wedding photo in it, but I haven't been able to decide on a favorite or most suitable picture for the frame. I have made a few criteria: it has to be a color photo because the frame is white, it has to have both Matt and I in it, preferably looking at the camera. That's actually about it. Anyway, if you happen to take a look at our wedding photos, let me know if you think you've found the right one.

Matt thinks I'm a dessert guru. Last night I made us some homemade ice cream to go on top of the homemade raspberry cobbler I made. It was so delicious. I think this is pretty much the only dessert I've made for him though, besides the no-bake peanut butter cup dessert(which obviously doesn't count) and the super flat chocolate chip cookies I made. Anyways, he can go on thinking I'm a brilliant cuisine artiste. After every meal I make, I ask if he thinks we should keep it on the list of meals I should make. He hasn't said no yet, and there hasn't been any repeats yet either, so we're doing pretty good I think. I really like cooking, a lot.

Missing Mattie

I dropped Mattie off at the airport at 8:30 this morning. I got home around ten, which gives me plenty of time for studying and getting ready for class. I'm having a hard time concentrating though. I miss Matt. He's only been gone for a few hours and I'm used to him being gone for the day at work. I just don't like that I can't even call him to tell him I miss him. He's on a four hour flight to Philadelphia right now. He won't be back until 8 p.m. on Sunday. I should be able to handle him being gone really easy since it's only 5 days, and we went 5 weeks without seeing each other this summer. It's different being married though. I've gotten used to him being around. On the weekend I never do any studying because I want to spend all of my time with Matt. My friend offered to hang out with me and have me sleep over, but I really do have a lot to do this week/weekend. We'll see how it works out.

Wooo WOOOooo...

List of things I've done recently:

  1. Mom came to visit this week. It was fun having mom here. Plus she helped me get on the millions (okay I exaggerate) of thank you notes I need to write.
  2. Went to AMAZING Ryan Shupe concert last Friday. I loved them on their album, but I loved them live even more, especially their rendition of Devil Went Down to Georgia.
  3. Went up the canyon to see beautiful changing leaves, drive to Park City, picnic, identify native plants, look at waterfall, etc.
  4. Slowly but surely getting caught up on LOST. I never watched the first season and the second season is now on. Matt is catching me up so we can start watching the second season. Without fail every episode I say, "I like this show; it's scary." Followed by, "I don't like this show; it's scary."
  5. Stayed in SLC after dropping off mom at the airport to celebrate Matt's raise.
  6. Have quenched my rook craving... I'm ready for more at anytime though.
  7. Went shopping in Park City with mom. It's always fun shopping with mom. I found this amazing diesel watch at the Fossil outlet. It was $20, which was my reason for not getting it. I looked it up on the internet, the original price is around $140. I might have to take a trip to Park City again soon...
  8. Got attacked by the killer ALLERGY- I took Benadryl last night, and I'm pretty sure I still haven't woken up fully (it's 11:40 pm). At least I'm not sneezing uncontrollably, or blowing my nose every minute...Thanks mom for buying us tissues!
  9. Matt and I love gift certificates/cards to restaurants; we've been to CPK, Macaroni Grill, Chili's and Red Lobster recently.
  10. I love the fall.
  11. I love decorating for Halloween. Mom bought us a cat we put in our window. He's black. We call him Boots, Boops, Bootsy or Boopsy. We also have a black flannel blanket with ghosts on it. It's a good decoration and it's very nice for cuddling under/hiding my eyes while watching LOST.
  12. I already know what I'm getting Matt for Christmas. And I am doing soo good keeping it a secret.
  13. Matt's going out of town on a Business trip on Wednesday. I am so sad. He doesn't get back until Sunday.
I had a lot to write about, so I thought the list would be the most appropriate way to get it all down.
Happy Halloween!! I can say that now because it's October. The woo's are for because it's almost Halloween.


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