Have you ever gotten a song stuck in your head when you didn't even know the words to the song? This happens to me all the time. I think mostly because my roommate is always singing random songs from her life that is a musical. Anyway... so yesterday Maggie and Toria were singing/listening to Les Miserable (I have no idea how to spell that) and singing some song from it pretty loud. So, I got it stuck in my head all day today. I sit down in Biochem with Mags, and we enjoy conversing with one another while the class is going along. So I write "It is the beating of the _____" and tell her to fill in the blank. So she writes in 'strawberries' (the correct answer being 'drums') and I'm thinking "you're the one who knows this song, you should be able to fill in the blank." But it turns out the song actually goes "echoes the beating of the drums" not "it is the beating..." So, to that she writes our phrase of the day.

In Memoriam: KATE

My dear pet mouse that has been with me for many months died today. Kate, this is for you.

How Awesome I am!

Recent data reveals overwhelming statistics in this daunting research.

Yesterday I was on campus for approximately 13 hours, 14 if you include 2 half hour breaks. I was busy the whole day, and still ended the day without getting everything done. When I woke up this morning I had to quickly finish my referenced proposal I was working on last night before heading to class. At the end of my 8 o'clock class I noticed, while turning in my proposal, that mine was better than all of the other students. I had at least 8 references, a great topic, and a spectacular thesis statement. While relaying this story to my beloved roommate, Margaret, I was excited that I was able to do such a great job on the proposal, even after having such a hard, long day. I finished off my story to Mags by exclaiming, "Eat that..synuvabidadi!" Yes, I actually said "synuvabidadi" It is a new word that all of the cool people are using, it is commonly used after great victories. So, the next time you accomplish something amazing, you remember to shout out "SYNUVABIDADI"!!!

Soccer and Arizona

So, I'm playing on an intramural co-ed soccer team right now. We had our first game tonight. I probably should have scored a goal, but I just didn't have ample opportunity to get a good foot on the ball. Anyway, it was a pretty good game and we would have only lost by one, but BYU has this weird rule about if a girl scores the goal it is worth two points instead of one, so we lost by two.
About Arizona: Me and two of my roommates are from Arizona, my other roommate is from Washington. Because of this us Arizonans tend to gang up on the Washingtonian. Like for instance we'll be talking about how much we hate the cold here, and one of the Arizonans will say "Arizona has great weather!" and then the Washingtonian will say something like "yeah, the western half of Washington doesn't get this cold either." And then the Arizonans say something like "well, that doesn't matter because Arizona is far superior to any other state in all aspects anyway, so we don't really care if the western half of your state, which you don't even live on, has mildly warm winters." So, every once in a while, just to keep the Washingtonian in check, I'll say something like "Man I love Arizona" and then the other Arizonans will chime in with their agreement. It is so great to see the Washingtonian feel like she's being brainwashed into believing that Arizona is pretty much heaven on earth. But think about, once people get acquainted with Arizona they're hooked. There's no turning back, you will hate the cold for the rest of your life, and live with the idea that snow is good as long as you live a couple of hours away from it, and you can just go "visit" it on occasion.

thought for the day

I'm eating a peanut butter sandwich right now. I have no jam to put on it. Actually I do, but it was all pasty and didn't look like the consistency that constitutes delicious jam, so after inspecting the jam and jabbing it with a knife I put it back in the fridger, unused. The jam is about 83% gone from previous usages. I was thinking about what a waste it is, and as a college student I shouldn't be so picky, but it's just gross. PLUS what if there's some kind of crazy microbe in their just waiting for me to eat it and die! Yeah, better not eat that pasty jam.
Maybe I'll go buy some of that Smucker's Apricot jam I love with all of my heart.

Hah ha!

I made a grand total of two posts during the month of December. I'm pretty sure that makes me the awesome-est person I know.

Classes started today. I am about to tell an important story- this information will come into play later in the story: I went to an 8:00 class this morning- I am planning on being a TA for the Physiology lab I took last semester. We have a meeting at 11 today to figure out which labs we are assigned to, how much physiology credit we get, about being a TA, etc. So anyway I just re-read the email we got about being a TA for this class, and it turns out that we are going to have meetings every Thursday at 8 am to prepare for the next week's lab. So, I am going to have to drop my TTH 8:00 class so that I can make it to the meetings on Thursdays. This also means I have to pick up that same class for MWF at 8:00. Which also means that I have that class tomorrow. Here's where that tidbit at the beginning comes into play. I Already Went To That Class TODAY! Did I mention that the class is Family Life 100, Strengthening Marriages and Families. I'm not sure how I feel about the class yet. I know I will learn a lot in the class, but it's just so cheesey. Maybe it was cheesey today because we weren't learning anything, just going over the syllabus. Maybe in my new class I won't have to write a 20 page paper. That would definitely be a plus. And now my schedule is even sweeter than it was before. I suppose this could be a good thing.

Anyway, I hope ya'll had a great holiday break, I thoroughly enjoyed being with my crazy family again.


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