Hah ha!

I made a grand total of two posts during the month of December. I'm pretty sure that makes me the awesome-est person I know.

Classes started today. I am about to tell an important story- this information will come into play later in the story: I went to an 8:00 class this morning- I am planning on being a TA for the Physiology lab I took last semester. We have a meeting at 11 today to figure out which labs we are assigned to, how much physiology credit we get, about being a TA, etc. So anyway I just re-read the email we got about being a TA for this class, and it turns out that we are going to have meetings every Thursday at 8 am to prepare for the next week's lab. So, I am going to have to drop my TTH 8:00 class so that I can make it to the meetings on Thursdays. This also means I have to pick up that same class for MWF at 8:00. Which also means that I have that class tomorrow. Here's where that tidbit at the beginning comes into play. I Already Went To That Class TODAY! Did I mention that the class is Family Life 100, Strengthening Marriages and Families. I'm not sure how I feel about the class yet. I know I will learn a lot in the class, but it's just so cheesey. Maybe it was cheesey today because we weren't learning anything, just going over the syllabus. Maybe in my new class I won't have to write a 20 page paper. That would definitely be a plus. And now my schedule is even sweeter than it was before. I suppose this could be a good thing.

Anyway, I hope ya'll had a great holiday break, I thoroughly enjoyed being with my crazy family again.



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