So finals then,

I took my first final this morning. Maggie and I were talking about it, and wondering...why does everyone get so stressed out about finals? I'm not saying that my finals/classes aren't hard, or that I'm being lazy or anything like that, but honestly it's not so bad. I had a week this semester with 5 exams in one week! That was crazy, that was stressful. The are a few huge differences between that week and this one. 1) After I finish this week the semester is over! 2) I don't have to work this week, at all. 3) No classes. 4) 5 exams 84 hours to study and take them (then another one online Friday morning when I'm home--in AZ).

I felt like I needed a between exams and study sessions treat/snack. But I'm fresh out of those, so I'm eating some Ghiradelli semi-sweet chocolate chips right now. It's quite tasty actually.

My family picked names for Christmas presents this year. I got Brooke. I made her present this weekend (A homemade present!) It is so awesome, if I didn't love Brooke so much, I'd keep it for myself. It's kind of a work of art, I'm trying to decide if I should sign the corner of them, just for fun.

It's been in the low 60's high 50's the past couple of days, Maggie says it's like we're having springtime for Christmas. I kind of like it, I miss Arizona weather.


  1. Maggie said...

    Here, here on the whole stress thing. I always have tons more time during this week!  

  2. Bryant said...

    My strategy for avoiding finals stress is just to blow everything off and not worry about whether or not I'm going to fail my classes. Maybe people should try that.  

  3. Sam said...

    I do the same thing, B. I've never seriously studied for finals my whole life and I haven't done too bad so far. Also, sleep is more important than cramming. Getting 8 or so hours helps you remember the material better than if you stay up all night studying. I wish more people would understand that and save their sanity.  


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