At BYU everyday at 7:30 am and 5:30 pm the National Anthem is played as the Flag is raised and lowered. It is tradition that no matter where you are on campus, when you hear the music playing you stop, turn towards the flag pole and have a kind of moment of silence until the music is done, and then you can continue with whatever you were doing.
So, my roommate, Jana, has a class in the afternoons that on occasion leaves her walking home around 5:30. On one particular day, she was stressed out, and just wanted to come home. When the music started playing she just kept right on walking, until she noticed her old roommate stopped, facing the flag with her hand over her heart. Instead of stopping herself or just walking by inconspicuously, she turns to her old roommate, puts her hand up in the air and yells, "Viva la France!" and then resumes walking home.
This story reminded me of my freshman year. I had a botany class with my friend Billy that ended at 5:15. By the time class was over we were both starving, and ready to get home. We usually walked as fast as we could so we could make it home before the music, but on the rare occassion that the music started before we got home, we would begin "signing" to each other. We thought that if people saw us signing to each other they could assume we were deaf and couldn't hear the music (neither of us know any sign language). When we got bored of signing though we'd speak to each other in "another language". This is one of my fondest memories of Freshman year.

-Sorry if this seems a bit anti-patriotic. I love my country, and I usually do stop and face the flag when the music's going.
Also I thought I'd change it to 'word or phrase of the week' instead of day, seeing as how the word or phrase usually stays up for about a week.

80's movies

So, I've seen a few classics recently. Last night for example we watched Flight of the Navigator. It definitely wasn't on my list of favorites as a child, but now it's ranking up there with Surf Ninjas and Timeline (anything with Paul Walker in it is killer really). I came up with a list of reasons why that movie was "rad". Well, here they are:

1. The boy's shorts were shorter than any of my shorts have ever been.
2. The robot in the spaceship would randomly yell out "Compliance!" and send me into a fit of giggles.
3. Sarah Jessica Parker was in it.
4. She wore one earring that hung low, and one in the other ear that didn't.
5. The brother was "devastatingly handsome" and said rad and cool a lot.
6. The name of the robot that brought the boy food and took him to the spaceship was R.A.L.F.
7. Everyone's hair.
8. There are people out there who have seen this movie upwards of 30 times. You know who you are...
9. Trebuchet!
10. 80's music is key.

P.s. Margs-I fixed your position-wink.


My family has always been a family of nicknames. Especially since adding Nate to our family. One of the best things about family nicknames, is that each person has several different nicknames. Parker has about a million-the most common of which is Sparky. I call him everything from Spinko to Sparkaloo. The guys in my family call me Heath, my mom calls me Lynne Lynne (Nixon usually calls me Heller). I call Brooke, Brookie or Rookie. Paige gets Spaige and Pie-head. Chandler, who is such a girl is usually Channie, Channabell or Channie Bananie. Hayden usually just gets her name broken in two. Like we'll say "Hey, Den come here". I like to call her just Den though. I call my dad Pops, Daddy or Hi Dad Soup. Usually mom is just mom, mama or mommy, but Nixon calls her Mema.
I love Nicknames. Speaking of nicknames, I have a soccer game tonight. We have shirts that say 'Bring on the Heat' (I'm the Heat). I hope we win, or at least play good.

I think Arizona sunsets are a gift from God.
I am happy at BYU.
I think garlic is good in just about everything.
when I get stressed out I take my frustrations out on the people around me.
I've never seen an R-rated movie.
all my life I have planned on going on a mission, I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to.
every member of my family is one of my heroes.
I think the human body is so fascinating, and I get so excited learning more about it and how it works.
I ate some Black pepper jack Doritos for a snack at work today.
they were pretty sick.
the only place I've been to out of the country is Canada.
I've made it a goal to go to Europe at sometime in my life.
green beans are the most disgusting things I have ever eaten, the scent of them makes me gag.
I would rather change a dirty diaper than have a balloon near me.
I don't like scary movies because I get so sucked into them they make me cry.
a bird eats over half its body weight in a day.
when your mom says you eat like a bird, she's actually telling you that you eat over half of your body weight.
don't tell your mom that though, because she will get mad at you.
I think basketball is a very hard sport.
this is because I don't know how to shoot, and I am short.
sometimes I am a smart-aleck. (I'm not sure if there is a proper spelling for that)
I agree with the theory 'everything is better with cheese'.
when I was four I thought I could fly.
I jumped off the bleachers at my parents' softball game and landed on my face.
I got stitches.
I also jumped off an electrical box.
I broke my arm.
this was while my family was on vacation in San Diego.
I've eaten sushi.
I don't love it or hate it.
soccer is pretty much the best sport ever.
I am a size six in shoes.
unless they are boy shoes, then it's a size 4 or 5.
in general my favorite classes at BYU have been my religion classes.
I am so grateful I have been able to live with Maggie through my college experience.
I will be very sad without her next year.
I have to go to class now.

how bout you?

Sometimes when I think something is really awesome, I don't want to just say "that's so awesome". I just don't think it does things justice. So instead I say something that more accurately describes how awesome something really is. Sakajawea.
What do you say when you think something is awesome? or not so awesome?

Break time

Happy Groundhog's Day!

I went out for hot chocolate at Red's Coffeehouse last night, that place is so good. I got hot chocolate with toasted marshmallow syrup in it, it tasted just like a s'more. If you get a chance go and tell Red that Laura Hansen sent you, so she can get points.

So there's this kid in my ward who invited me to play on his soccer team, and I turned him down because I was already on Bryant's. Then it turns out our team is going to be playing against the guy in my ward's team. He keeps bringing it up, and asking if I'm ready, and telling me he's pretty much going to woop my team. It's kind of unnerving, especially since he's probably right.

I am going to be doing basically all of the work for my English 316 group research paper. I'm pretty excited about that...

If you want to come to my soccer game on Friday it's at 8pm in the IPF (indoor practice fields)


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