80's movies

So, I've seen a few classics recently. Last night for example we watched Flight of the Navigator. It definitely wasn't on my list of favorites as a child, but now it's ranking up there with Surf Ninjas and Timeline (anything with Paul Walker in it is killer really). I came up with a list of reasons why that movie was "rad". Well, here they are:

1. The boy's shorts were shorter than any of my shorts have ever been.
2. The robot in the spaceship would randomly yell out "Compliance!" and send me into a fit of giggles.
3. Sarah Jessica Parker was in it.
4. She wore one earring that hung low, and one in the other ear that didn't.
5. The brother was "devastatingly handsome" and said rad and cool a lot.
6. The name of the robot that brought the boy food and took him to the spaceship was R.A.L.F.
7. Everyone's hair.
8. There are people out there who have seen this movie upwards of 30 times. You know who you are...
9. Trebuchet!
10. 80's music is key.

P.s. Margs-I fixed your position-wink.


  1. Matt said...

    Oh, I know who I am.  

  2. Maggie said...

    I think everyone should call me "Amaggie" from now on. Then I'd always be at the front.  


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