Yes, yes... I've been busy! Monday I spent the afternoon with my friend John studying Anatomy, which is going great! I love that class, oooo today was our first day with cadavers (we've previously just been looking at bones) it was pretty stinky, and probably an experience that everyone needs to have. It is so interesting to really see and know what the inside of your body is, how it functions, what it looks like...I don't know, that kind of thing has always fascinated me, which is probably why I love biology so much.
So once again Tuesday night was dinner at Greg's night last night. Poor Greg has been sick lately so the meal wasn't quite up to his normal cuisine standards. We had corn on the cob, baked potatoes, and grilled chicken. I made the dessert, chocolate chip cookies! They were pretty tasty, not to toot my own horn or anything like that (I get the weirdest expressions from my mom).
After the dinner all the regulars at Greg's Tuesday night dinners (which I am now an official "regular" after having attended 3 Tuesday night dinners) convinced me it would be a good idea to see the first showing of Spiderman 2, which was at 12:06 am. The only theater that wasn't sold out was in American Fork (of course!), so once again I drove us out to AF and we got there at about 10 to get tickets and sit-not stand-in line. This time there wasn't any cops around or anything like that. I studied anatomy, David played poker with some other kids that got in line behind us and Toria and Greg argued about philisophocal stuff--I usually try to stay out of those discussions, I don't care much for philosophy, it just frustrates me. The movie was pretty good, but Greg was extremely dissapointed. He's a HUGE spiderman fan, and he expected a much better showing. I liked the first one better, but I don't really sit and analyze movies too much. So when a movie ends I'll usually just say, "well, that was entertaining," and move on with my life, unless it is a really bad movie or a really good movie, then I will think about how much the movie was a total waste of my time (like legally blonde 2 or the one with paul walker and the best line was "Tribuchet!", I forgot the title, timeturners or something like that) or how I would love to see the movie again because it was soo awesome! So anyway, we got home at 3 am and I had my Anatomy lab at 8. Yeah, I woke up at 7:42, took a shower and got dressed and I was still on time to anatomy! Man I'm awesome. If you are in love with spiderman see spiderman 2 expecting the 1st and/or 3rd one to be better. If not, then just go and enjoy the action scenes, and if you don't like action you'll probably like the love story. SO, I hope this post made up for my lack of posts as of late.

I got a calling!

So, I have been in my new ward for about two months now, and I just got a calling. It is a very important calling, I am in charge of the music in Relief Society. I think that's all I have to say about that.

I spent pretty much this whole weekend with my roommates. On Friday we were supposed to have a ward party at our Bishop's house with swimming and watching a movie outside, but it got rained-out. So instead Toria, Jana and I watched some really dumb movies like Captain Ron and just hung around the house eating the cupcakes Jana made for Bean's "half day". Yesterday we went to the Hare Krishna temple and watched the Indian girls dance and petted the llamas. Then we went to an Italian restaurant for dinner called "la dolce vita"-the sweet life. It was pretty darn tasty. When we left the restaurant it was raining pretty good outside, so we ran to the car, and came home and played pounce or nerts or whatever you want to call it. We were just going to play until someone got to 100, which would have made me the winner, but then we decided to go to which case, I was the winner again. Then Jana remembered she needed string to tie on her pork roast she made for dinner today, so we were sinners and went to Wal-Mart at 12:30 am Sunday morning...I felt so bad, but not that bad because I didn't buy anything, and we wouldn't have been able to have the amazing pork roast we had today without the string. So that's my weekend in a nutshell. I love my roommates! (Maggie you're in for some good times, I miss you!)

In honor of Bean's one year mark! Unfortunately I don't have a scanner, so I can't put up any of him in South Africa.


Spring term I was re-taking two classes, Physics 105 and Chem 106. The first time I took physics I actually didn't do that bad in it, but it just wasn't good enough. Chemistry however I got a D in, yeah not even a D+. So my goal for spring term was to get better grades in the two classes than the first go. Well, I would like to let you all know that I did just that! I totally rocked physics with an A-, and can you believe I got a C in chemistry! I got a whole letter grade higher in the class, I was just hoping for a D+, man that is so awesome! I just wanted to share with you all how awesome that is.
So today at work we had a special meeting, it was good for two reasons: 1. (The lesser of the two good reasons) I only had to do actual work for 2 1/2 hours as opposed to 4 hours 2. We were discussing our upcoming BYU Law Library Technical Services First Annual trip to Yellowstone National Park! --Did you like how I built that I'm such a talented writer-- You don't even know how excited I am for this trip, I have never been to Yellowstone before, I've never seen a real (live) buffalo before, I've never seen the tetons (is that how you spell it? We are driving back home through Jackson, Wyoming). Yeah, all of the stuff we're going to be doing I've never done, except for the whole camping/hiking thing, I've definitely done that before. The ONLY draw-back to the whole adventure is that it has been a personal goal of mine to never go to Idaho. I will have to spend a considerable amount of time in Idaho to get to our final destination of the Grant Village campsite. I will be the only one in my family who has ever been in Idaho. I just don't know how I feel about it. I can't back out now though, I am one of the drivers, and we already set up cooking groups. My group is cooking the first breakfast and the second lunch. Man this is going to be great, if you think I am missing from July 22nd to the 25th, I'm not actually missing, I'm just far off in a better place watching Old Faithful um...erupt(?) and sipping lemonade.

Small note

Today was the beginning of an old tradition...the mid-week fiesta! It was a beautiful beginning, but I miss having Maggie at the mid-week fiesta, it's just not the same without her.
A certain topic has been brought up a lot lately, and I was wondering if anybody had in comments on it okay for a guy to have a man crush? I'm not sure how I feel about it. If you have any great insights to the topic do tell.

This is my family at Aspen Grove along with several of the LeSueur's.


Ok, so I had such good intentions for this afternoon. I went to my first day of anatomy class today, and I know the only way I'm going to make it through the class is if I study like crazy! My plans for this evening consisted of studying, going to enrichment night to make homemade jam, and then studying some more, going to bed semi-early and preparing for my first anatomy lab in the morning. Well, then Greg comes over and says, "Remember you promised you would come to dinner at my house tonight and we all know that liars and whoremongers go to hell, so I don't want you to go to hell or anything..." Yeah, so I went to Greg's for dinner. Actually he and Toria asked if I would like to come over early with them while they prepared the dinner. I suggested that I come with them and study my anatomy while they prepared the dinner. Greg's apartment has this amazing air conditioner by the wall that just blows out this icy cool air, and they have this soft, comfortable pillow and blanket. So, I took a nap with the cool air blowing on was nice. But I did get in a little studying after I woke up while we watched some show on TLC about fixing up people's cars. Then we got to eat an amazing meal of Lasgna! MMM, it was so tasty.
There is something you should know about Greg...He's crazy. No seriously, in-sane. Which makes for many wonderful adventures... Recently I went on a hike/picnic with Toria and Jana and Greg and his friend Craig. We hiked up to this awesome waterfall (It's in Lindon by one of the many Kiwanis parks in Utah). So, you can't go to a waterfall without taking lots of sexy pictures in the waterfall, can you? I didn't think so-- Jana, Toria and I did the whole TLC waterfalls thing, which turned out really funny, I was resting my hand on my opposite shoulder and it looked like I was trying to brush something off of my shoulder, Jana was stripping off her shirt..with her bathing suit (one-piece I might add) underneath. Then we did some photos of me with the water coming down right on top of me and my hands in my hair it was sooo sexy...hahah...The best pictures were the ones I took of Greg and Toria, they were...really sexy. (Maybe if I can get Greg to send them to me I will try to put them on the site, but I still don't know how to put pictures on my blog. We'll work on that.) Am I supposed to have a moral to this story? Well just in case: while going to BYU in the summer always make friends with crazy people.


ok, I am not a computer person and I already typed my post once and accidentally deleted it, and now I am really not in the mood to re-type it. So all I have to say is I wish I was as smart as Bryant (that's a plug for Bryant you can feel free to visit his blog it also has links to his many amazing websites) then I wouldn't accidentally delete something important on the computer...I am so frustrated I am going to go to bed, and not shower!

Father's Day

So, today is Father's Day. I actually didn't do very much today for Father's day except for call my Dad, but I did give my Dad a pretty good present. I wrote him a letter. I mean a real genuine heart-felt letter. My Dad deserves to know how grateful I am for him, and so I wrote him a letter to thank him for his support and love all of my life. What's even better my family came up last week to go to BYU Aspen Grove Family Camp. Yes, they came right in time for finals. So, I found myself driving up and down Provo Canyon to attend classes and review sessions and finals while trying to spend as much time as possible with my family as well. The best event of the whole thing was the "family dance". It's kind of like a big stake dance only the whole family's invited. It was so fun. If you know anything about how I dance you know I am not the best out there...No one in my family is, and especially my dad. No offense to my dad, I love him to death, but he can not dance. It was awesome! He was jumping around and totally embarrassing my little brother and sister (they are 14 and 12 years old). I did a "swing" dance with my dad. Pretty much we swung our arms around he twirled me around a couple of times and then we did the twist-kind of. All I know was it was so fun. I love my dad, so for Father's day I got to spend all of last week (well not all of it I did have to take my finals) with my dad and my family. If there's a moral to this story then it is all families should go to Aspen Grove, it's cheesey but a lot of fun.

Post the first.

Well, here it goes. For your information:
My name is Heather and I love life. Yesterday my roommate told me about her friend that works nights at Denny's. I mean he works from 10pm-6am! I can't even imagine working a schedule like that. So, Greg told my roommate that Denny's is totally dead from 3-6 on his shift. Toria decided she wanted to go visit Greg during those hours so that he could have some entertainment for a while. So after an evening of making grilled cheese, flying a kite, eating some frozen yogurt at Provo Froyo, and looking for clay at shopko (which was unsuccessful I'm afraid) I went to bed. Then promptly at 2:45 am, my roommate, Toria, woke me up. Our morning began with a rousing song of "Goodmornin'" from the hit musical Oklahoma. I volunteered to drive because- I really don't know why, but I volunteered nonetheless. So we get into the car and of course as we are getting in our friend the moth gets in the car too. Jana (my other roommate) is going crazy in the front seat using her sweatshirt to smack the I just calmly exit the parking lot. (Don't worry Jana finally gets the moth out of the vehicle and we proceed to Denny's). I don't think I mentioned this Denny's is in American Fork. The distance isn't much of a factor in this story, but simply the fact that this Denny's is located in American Fork...if you know anything about Utah, this is the Apache Junction of the Phoenix metro area. I mean hicks and I'm sorry to say "white trash" come to mind when one thinks of American Fark as it is properly pronounced. --I'm serious I went to my cousin's graduation at the Marriot Center and following his Highschool graduation was the American Fark High's graduation, there were all these guys hopping out of their trucks with their jeans tucked into their shiny new cowboy boots that even match their new cowboy hat, actually I'm pretty sure they didn't match but that would have been pretty good. Okay so you get the idea...back to the story! So we finally arrive at this Denny's way out in yes, American Fork. You can just imagine the scene as we pull into the parking lot. There's probably five cop cars and an ambulence (it's Utah, when there's an actual crime all of the local police within 30 miles of the crime, come to help arrest the perpetrator). Oh man you're thinking to yourslef this story is getting pretty good... So, we of course just calmly walk into the Denny's without staring at all of the cops and guys in cargo shorts and cowboy boots. Our friend Greg seats us and everyone that happens to be int he restaurant fills us in on what exactly happened. It turns out that some man got up to leave the restaurant(after leaving a generous tip to our friend, the waiter, Greg), and as he was leaving he took one of those porcelain bowls you know those really thick heavy restaurant style dishes and walks up to the guy that was in the booth next to him and starts SMASHING HIS FACE IN!! oh man, I wish we could have been there for that. So, I guess that about concludes my story, I got a Moons over my hammy, and it was pretty tasty. We drove home and went back to sleep at 4:30 am. Don't worry I just woke up. So I guess the moral of the story is: Everyone should go to BYU summer term.

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