Ok, so I had such good intentions for this afternoon. I went to my first day of anatomy class today, and I know the only way I'm going to make it through the class is if I study like crazy! My plans for this evening consisted of studying, going to enrichment night to make homemade jam, and then studying some more, going to bed semi-early and preparing for my first anatomy lab in the morning. Well, then Greg comes over and says, "Remember you promised you would come to dinner at my house tonight and we all know that liars and whoremongers go to hell, so I don't want you to go to hell or anything..." Yeah, so I went to Greg's for dinner. Actually he and Toria asked if I would like to come over early with them while they prepared the dinner. I suggested that I come with them and study my anatomy while they prepared the dinner. Greg's apartment has this amazing air conditioner by the wall that just blows out this icy cool air, and they have this soft, comfortable pillow and blanket. So, I took a nap with the cool air blowing on me...it was nice. But I did get in a little studying after I woke up while we watched some show on TLC about fixing up people's cars. Then we got to eat an amazing meal of Lasgna! MMM, it was so tasty.
There is something you should know about Greg...He's crazy. No seriously, in-sane. Which makes for many wonderful adventures... Recently I went on a hike/picnic with Toria and Jana and Greg and his friend Craig. We hiked up to this awesome waterfall (It's in Lindon by one of the many Kiwanis parks in Utah). So, you can't go to a waterfall without taking lots of sexy pictures in the waterfall, can you? I didn't think so-- Jana, Toria and I did the whole TLC waterfalls thing, which turned out really funny, I was resting my hand on my opposite shoulder and it looked like I was trying to brush something off of my shoulder, Jana was stripping off her shirt..with her bathing suit (one-piece I might add) underneath. Then we did some photos of me with the water coming down right on top of me and my hands in my hair it was sooo sexy...hahah...The best pictures were the ones I took of Greg and Toria, they were...really sexy. (Maybe if I can get Greg to send them to me I will try to put them on the site, but I still don't know how to put pictures on my blog. We'll work on that.) Am I supposed to have a moral to this story? Well just in case: while going to BYU in the summer always make friends with crazy people.



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