So that Bryant doesn't feel like a complete dork for filling out this survey and actually sending it to people. I am going to fill it out as well, and post it on my blog...

1.What color are your Kitchen plates? A cremey beige-ish color with a blue ring around them like early 90's style correll dishes.
2.What book are you reading? That should probably be books...I'm reading Serve With Honor, Preparation Precedes Power, Gethsemane, Drawing on the Powers of Heaven, The Book of Mormon and other scriptures, and all of my school books like Human Physiology and Organic Chemistry, etc.
3.What is on your Mouse-pad? To quote Bryant, "Mouse pads are for sissies." In other words...I don't have/need one.
4.What's your favorite board game? Pounce. Oh wait that's cards. Board game...Star Wars Monopoly w/Higgins Family Rules
5.Favorite Magazine? Um, the Ensign. Yeah.
6.Favorite Smell? CHRISTMAS!! Oh, I mean the smells that go along with Christmas, like cinnamon potpurri that my mom boils on the stove and Christmas trees and Mexican Food (I mean Mexican Food at Christmas..yeah, I don't know)
7.Least favorite smell? I don't know gross smells.
8.What is the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning? AAAAHHHHH!!! the alarms going off, quick turn it off before you wake up mags!
9.Least favorite color? I like mostly all colors, I don't discriminate.
10.How many rings before you answer the phone? As many as it takes for me to answer my phone.
11.Future child's name? Being a girl, I have a list. But we'll just go with one I heard recently that I like. Betty short for Elizabeth (which is a family name so Betty could work)
13.Favorite Sound? The sounds that storms make, rain on the roof, thunder, lightning, etc.
um, so what happened to #12?
14.Chocolate or vanilla? It depends. I like a good twist cone, I love vanilla yogurt, but I also love chocolate everything else. So, I'm going to go with chocolate.
15.Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? Maggie? Oh no, uh no she's not stuffed, or really an animal either.
16.Storms: cool or scary? Super Awesome!
17.What type was your first car? I'm still driving her. A baby blue 1991 Toyota Corolla, previous owner: Grammy
18.If you could meet one person dead or alive who would it be? I should be saying Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith, Peter, John the Beloved, Moses, etc., but I figure those are given, so as a second choice it would be kind of cool to meet Gregor Mendel or Darwin my heroes in Biology (keep laughing mags, I know you think I'm a dork)
19.What is your birthday? The best Birthday ever!!
20.Do you eat the stems of the broccoli? yes.
21.If you could have any job, what would it be? Ok, so I'm going to say mom. but in a close second is a highschool biology teacher.
22.If you could have any color hair, what would it be? The pretty kind. Actually I like my hair color pretty okay.
23.Have you ever been in love? Yes. and that seems a bit too personal to be sharing on the internet.
24.Is the glass half empty or half full? Today, it's half full (it usually is)
25.What are your favorite movies? Gattaca, My Fair Lady, White Christmas, I think there's some listed on my profile or something.
26.Do you type with your fingers on the right keys? Mostly
27.What's under your bed? Everything I can't fit anywhere else in the room. Maggie and I live in a very intimate setting.
28.What's your favorite number? I guess 15, that was always my number for soccer
29.What is your single biggest fear? Being alone.
30.Say one nice thing about the person who sent this to you. Do I have to? Ok. fine. Bryant is a loyal friend.
31.Person you sent this to who is most likely to respond? Okay, so I should just delete this question since I'm not actually sending this to anyone.
32.Person you sent this to who is least likely to respond? see above
33.Favorite CD? hmmmm, I dont own many cd's we'll go with weezer's blue album, and coldplay parachutes, and the cars: greatest hits because it reminds me of my dad. Oh and Manheim Steamroller's Christmas CD's
34.Favorite TV shows? haha. Lizzie McGuire when I'm watching it with my little sisters, and I have to say Gilmore Girls just for Mags. I don't actually watch too much tv.
35.Hamburgers or Hotdogs? Usually Hotdog, especially from JDawgs (yum!) oh yeah and from Higley Hotdog too.
36.Favorite Soft Drink? (it's soda...honestly!) yuck. I guess cherry 7up
37.The best place you have ever been? My home. I miss it so much!
38.Screen saver that is on your computer right now? slideshow of my pictures.
39.Cats or Dogs? I would like to say dogs, because I've never really gotten along with many cats. But I'll probably end up owning a cat.
40.White Holiday Lights or Multi-colored? BOTH! MAN I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!

Chandler and I are 12 years apart, so when I was a senior in High school she was in Pre-School. My senior year Chandler got out of school at around noon and went to a neighbors house, and I got out of school at 1:30 and picked her up. We got to spend the rest of the afternoon together until everyone else got home for the day. So, being the cooler, older sister that I am I'd try and find fun things for us to do together. We would go out to lunch, play at the big park, go to the mall and hit up the disney store and the pet shop where I would lift her up so that she could see all the doggies, go get some ice cream, etc. It was so much fun to hang out with Chandler especially since I was able to get to know her better before leaving for college.
Chandler is the girliest girl in our family, the rest of us range from mediocre girly to tom-boy. She loves Barbies. She has a Barbie kitchen, store, telephone, slug bug power wheel, CD player, and lots of Barbie Dolls. I have a good picture of her to put on here from when she broke her arm and got a sparkly blue and purple cast. I'll see what I can do about that.

Chandler is Awesome.

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