School too soon

So, school doesn't start until next Tuesday, however one of my professors thinks it's appropriate to be handing out assignments before class even starts. Not only are we supposed to have a reading assignment and a reading quiz done, but also a class quiz to be taken before the first day of class. I know it's college and all, but seriously I'm still trying to enjoy my two-week break. Actually in my four years of college I've never had a class give out an assignment before school started. Maybe my luck's run out.
On a happier note, my Grandparents are in town staying at my Aunt's house and I got to work on stamping Christmas cards. It was fun.

I'm not really a pink person, but I think I like pink the best of all the colors I've tried for the background. What do you think?

Matt and I are headed to Park City for a few days. We're taking a mini vacation. I'm excited for a nice break just the two of us, and we're going to go shopping too. That's the one thing I miss about being single. If I felt like I needed a new shirt or new pair of pants I wouldn't think twice about going out and getting something. Now I feel like I am being selfish when I get new things, or I think the money could be put to better use. (I'm sure any of you married girls can relate to that.)

We have a pretty small apartment and my family mostly all stayed here when they came up for my commencement. My parents brought an air mattress, my grandma slept on the couch and Chandler slept on the love seat. It was really fun having them all here though. I always love to have my family visit, and I think it is fun having family sleep at our house.

Two days in a row I've been fed at work. I really like getting paid to eat. We had sloppy joes and pasta salad on Tuesday and muffins, fruit and juice today. I hope we get fed again tomorrow.
Well, I think that's about it for now. I am tired and can't really think of anything interesting to say.

Happy Anniversary!

It's our one year anniversary today, Happy Anniversary Mattie!
My family just left for home this morning, so I guess I'll be able to start posting longer, more interesting posts tomorrow (maybe).

Under construction

I thought I'd take advantage of my husband's nerdy computer skills, so my blog is gonna look sweet when it's all done.


I'm so graduated right now... for reals.
Okay, I do have 8 credits left, but still I'm the most graduated person I know.
Anyway, as soon as all the partying ends I'll be able to post again. And probably a lot too. This is because for two weeks I will have nothing to do except work a measly 20 hours a week and sleep in. Those are my two definite plans for the two week break. My mom is taking me to get a pedicure tomorrow. I am so excited! I love being pampered.


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My husband is a buh-genius.
He is so popular with his m&m's photo. Yay!


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