Hay Den!

My family came up to Utah this summer to go to Aspen Grove. When they got to my apartment we were chatting when my brother informed me that the four youngest had ranked themselves in order of weirdness (did I mention my family is awesome?). Chandler was weird, Paige weirder, Parker weirdest and Hayden weirdester. So, I guess you can figure out that Hayden is pretty awesome.
My mom gets really excited about things. I mean she jumps up and down and hollers and just gets so excited about anything. All of the kids in our family are more like my dad. We're all pretty mellow and relaxed. If we are excited about something you can't really tell, because we don't express our excitement out loud (the way I do it is by thinking about whatever it is that's getting me so excited constantly in my head to the point where I can't really concentrate on anything else). Hayden is the only kid that's more like my mom. She does the same kind of things my mom does, and then some. She gets really silly telling jokes that make no sense whatsoever, for example Q: Why did the three-legged chicken cross the road? A: Blue. And then she would proceed to laugh histerically at herself and this great joke she's told. She just kind of gets the giggles. It's pretty funny though. Anyway, that's something I really like about Hayden, it doesn't take much to get her laughing and smiling.

On to Paige!

What's cool about Paige is that we look so much alike. When Hayden was younger I pointed at a picture of me and asked Hayden who it was, she said it was Paige. If you look at pictures of us when were both five or so we look almost identical. Paige loves Harry Potter, and I share with her in this love. She sent me an email that she made up all by herself called...

You know you are obsessed with Harry Potter if:
1. You want an owl, frog, or cat and say you need it for school.
2. Instead of knocking or unlocking the door, you yell Alohamora!
3. When you want it quiet, you yell Silenco!
4. You start calling your friends muggles.
5. You say (when injured) do I need to go to St. Mungos? (or hospital wing, if at school)
6. You want to marry Daniel Radcliff, Rupert Gint, Tom Felton, or any one else on the crew.
7. You wear cloaks, and really baggy, or mis-matched muggle clothing.
8. You hope to be a prefect.
9. You try to deliver mail by owl.
10. You read and watch the movies and books non-stop.
11. You wonder what the ministry is up to and where your Daily Prophet is.
12. You ask your friends if you can use their fellytone.
13. You try to blow up your Aunt.
14. You have a friend 3 feet taller than a normal man and you call him Hagrid.
15. You say your godfather died and he was the most wanted wizard.
16. You love Cho Chang (this is for both boys and girls).
17. You say your parents were murdered by He-who-must-not-be-named (even if they are standing right there).
18. You wince when hearing someone say Voldemort (*gasp*).
19. You try and ride a broom stick.
20. You use sticks or wood and try to do magic (not that pulling a bunny out the hat stuff either)
21. You want a phoenix, a long beard, half-moon spectacles, and to be verrry wise.
22. You say Bloody Brilliant! all the time.
23. You call a girl who is kind of wacked (hehe) Loony Lovegood.
24. You like circular glasses.
25. You try and fix your glasses by saying Aculus Repairo!
26. You pretend to not know how to mail properly and cover the whole envelope with postage stamps.
27. You try to get to Daigon Ally with Floo Powder.
28. You stick your (so-called) wand out to get on the Knite Bus.

So, my sister is pretty funny (she's a Higgins, would you expect anything less?).

Okay, I didn't know I was going to write such a long one on Brooke. I guess it just goes to show that she really is my best friend, along with being my sister.
So, here's a story about Parker-Sparky-sparks-spinko:
So, he's with his friends in our driveway, and being a boy he decides why don't we tie one end of a rope to me, and the other end of the rope on this wagon, and then send the wagon over this ramp we've made, so that I can come flying behind it! So, all of Parker's friends think this is a great idea, so they set everything up, and send Sparks over the ramp with the wagon leading. Of course Parker thinks this is going to be awesome, while any girl would have been saying this is the dumbest idea you've ever had. Parker goes over the ramp and immediately crashes face first on the driveway and continues to slide down the driveway as the wagon keeps rolling. Parker gets up and has a huge gash on his eyebrow, and a chunk of his shirt and some skin is missing from his shoulder where he was skidding down the driveway. And his friends just stand there looking at him with blood rushing down his face. Finally the neighbor says, "I think I'm going to go get my dad," his dad is a fireman. So Sparks got some stitches and he still where's the shirt with the hole in it, I don't know why, maybe to always remember the day he let himself be tied to one end of a rope that was connected to a wagon on the other, and "launch" himself... onto the cement driveway.
So, to be honest I thought that was the funniest story when I heard it. I think my brother is so awesome, and I think that when guys do things like that it is hilarious. Parker is the reason why I want to have boys when I'm a mom. There would be a definite gaurantee that some crazy things would happen. I was going to save Sparky for last, but I don't want anyone to think I have favorites, even though he is my favorite brother.

Since Brooke and I are only two years apart we grew up very close with each other. She is one of my very best friends. Something that I like about Brooke is that she is very blunt. You don't have to worry about if she is just saying something to be nice or whatever. If the shirt you are wearing is ugly she'll say you should probably change. I like it that way, the last thing I want to do is go out of the house with an ugly shirt on. You get the idea, right?
I've always wanted to be just like Brooke, everything she did, I did. Well except for the part about getting married and having a kid all be for she turned 20. She's amazing! She just had her second child, and was sending out her baby announcements just two days after he was born!
I'm going to list some things I love about her now:
1. She is very thoughtful, she cares about everyone, and always remembers when something big is happening to them so she can bring them a gift or treat, or a helping hand.
2. She is always smiling and is positive. You would never be able to tell if she was struggling with something because she is too happy to be upset.
3. She loves her family (she has two boys and you can already tell that Nixon is a momma's boy, shh...don't tell Nate!)
4. She is very responsible, when she was having her first child I never felt like she was too young for the job, It's hard to believe she's only two years older than me with the kind of responsibilities she fulfills.
5. She is so funny, I am always laughing when I am around her.
6. She is a great example to me and my family, of working towards a temple marriage.
7. She is Martha Stewart Jr. minus all of that stock market scamming thing.
8. She is beautiful, inside and out.
9. She has always included me in her circle of friends, even in high school she would invite me to hang out with her and her friends.
10. She has always made me think that I am beautiful and worth something, she has always supported me and helped me feel better about myself. She never questions the decisions I make, and is kind to remind me of who I am and the standards I wish to live up to.

So, I should be doing my pysics, but my physics tutor is nowhere to be seen. Actually he is at the Varsity Theatre watching the foreign film "Twilight Samurai". So really I'm just filling up the space between now (8:30 pm) and an hour from now when I have a soccer game to coach...9:30 pm! Starting a soccer game! Oh well, it's going to be okay. So, I'm trying to think of what I wanted to write about. All I'm coming up with is how awesome my family is. So, here's a few things about my family:
My Dad-
He's only 5'4" and was a gymnast growing up. Something I remember about him when I was little, is that I thought he was the strongest man in the world. He would walk around on his hands, and just seemed to have the hugest muscles! Plus he is so funny. My little sister Chandler used to gallop around our house, and my Dad would join in with her galloping around the house. Well, Chandler is much too old (7) to gallop around the house now, but my Dad's not! He still trots along holding the reigns of the horse in front him.
My Mom-
Now you're probably curious as to how tall my mom is, she is also 5'4", and the best part is when we measure them they are exactly the same height. So the thing that comes to mind about growing up with my mom is Holidays. My mom LOVES holidays. We ate pink heart-shaped pancakes with pink applesauce and pink juice for Breakfast on Valentine's Day and got a present from cupid. Last year my parents came up for Conference and my mom was shocked to see that I didn't have up any Halloween decorations yet. I said, "Mom, it's only been October for two days, you have to give me some to put up my decorations" to which she responded, "Heather, you only have thirty-one days to celebrate Halloween!" We celebrate every holiday at home too, I mean my mom has decorations for Groundhog's Day. Groundhog's Day! And she'll make us "groundhog" (sausage) for breakfast on Groundhog's Day.
Okay that's a good start. Stay tuned for more stories of how awesome my family is (there's still 4 sisters and a brother to go).


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