On to Paige!

What's cool about Paige is that we look so much alike. When Hayden was younger I pointed at a picture of me and asked Hayden who it was, she said it was Paige. If you look at pictures of us when were both five or so we look almost identical. Paige loves Harry Potter, and I share with her in this love. She sent me an email that she made up all by herself called...

You know you are obsessed with Harry Potter if:
1. You want an owl, frog, or cat and say you need it for school.
2. Instead of knocking or unlocking the door, you yell Alohamora!
3. When you want it quiet, you yell Silenco!
4. You start calling your friends muggles.
5. You say (when injured) do I need to go to St. Mungos? (or hospital wing, if at school)
6. You want to marry Daniel Radcliff, Rupert Gint, Tom Felton, or any one else on the crew.
7. You wear cloaks, and really baggy, or mis-matched muggle clothing.
8. You hope to be a prefect.
9. You try to deliver mail by owl.
10. You read and watch the movies and books non-stop.
11. You wonder what the ministry is up to and where your Daily Prophet is.
12. You ask your friends if you can use their fellytone.
13. You try to blow up your Aunt.
14. You have a friend 3 feet taller than a normal man and you call him Hagrid.
15. You say your godfather died and he was the most wanted wizard.
16. You love Cho Chang (this is for both boys and girls).
17. You say your parents were murdered by He-who-must-not-be-named (even if they are standing right there).
18. You wince when hearing someone say Voldemort (*gasp*).
19. You try and ride a broom stick.
20. You use sticks or wood and try to do magic (not that pulling a bunny out the hat stuff either)
21. You want a phoenix, a long beard, half-moon spectacles, and to be verrry wise.
22. You say Bloody Brilliant! all the time.
23. You call a girl who is kind of wacked (hehe) Loony Lovegood.
24. You like circular glasses.
25. You try and fix your glasses by saying Aculus Repairo!
26. You pretend to not know how to mail properly and cover the whole envelope with postage stamps.
27. You try to get to Daigon Ally with Floo Powder.
28. You stick your (so-called) wand out to get on the Knite Bus.

So, my sister is pretty funny (she's a Higgins, would you expect anything less?).


  1. REDguy said...

    Er, so you posted on my BLOG and it somehow vanished, Harry Potter-like. Ah, the wonders of the Internet! Anyway, just thought I'd pop in . . .  


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