She is sooo CUTE!

So yesterday I finally took my anatomy exam, and I actually didn't do too bad. When I got home from the Testing Center I called David and he wanted to hang out and said he got me a birthday present, and wanted to know if I wanted it right then or wait until my birthday for it. I'm not usually one to wait for birthday presents, but I told him he could give it to me whenever he couldn't hold out any longer. So, he came over and we went out to his car to go get something to eat. On the way out to the car, he tells me he has my birthday present in the car and I have to close my eyes. He bought me a mouse! A real one! With a mouse home and a spinny wheel thing on the side of it and he bought her one of those balls that you put her in and she can roam around my apartment. She is sooo cute! She is brown with a white stripe around her mid section. She is soo tiny, and the first time I held her she bit me! She is still scared of me, but I think she will get used to me soon.
So now the big decision of what to name her....
I really like Kate, so I've thought about naming her that. I definitely don't want to name her precious or fluffy or anything like that. I've done a lot of speculating, and hopefully I will come up with a name soon...any ideas? I just call her mouse right now, so I think anything's better than that. (but not pooky or princess or any of those types)
Isn't that soo exciting! It's not even my birthday yet! More exciting birthday mysteries to unfold!


So a week from tomorrow I turn 20. Okay, is that old? Because I think it is. My roommate Toria is turning 20 three days before that, and for Tuesday dinner at Greg's we're making it a birthday celebration! We're going to have turkey dinner, with mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, stuffing, pies for dessert...the whole nine yards. I'm pretty excited, and I can't wait for Toria to get home (and by home I mean Provo, not where she currently is back home in AZ). I miss having roommates.
My cousin is getting married on Friday (the day after my birthday) I am one of her bride's maids and my parents are flying in for the wedding. They get in on the afternoon of the 5th and we're going out for my birthday, probably up in SLC (my choice for dinner...I don't know what to pick though, so many choices!). Then the wedding all day Friday, which is cutting into the end of my semester-I have finals the next week. My parents are flying back to Phoenix on the 7th in the afternoon and I am their chauffer.

Things change

This morning I had my anatomy lab. We were learning about the heart and the major arteries in the body (very fascinating stuff). RB, my TA, was right in the middle of telling us what three arteries the celiac trunk splits into when all of the sudden we hear the fire alarm go off! It was as if we had lost everything we had learned all those years we did fire drills in school. We all just stood around for a minute thinking to oursleves "can't we just ignore the fire alarm and get on with the lesson or do we have to evacuate the building?" This took me back to my high school days when kids were hopping out of their desks all excited because they new the fire drill would a. get them out of class and b. allow them to find their friends and talk to them during the fire drill. It's funny that the reaction to the fire alarm was completely opposite of what it used to be. In fact I was kind of annoyed at the fire alarm, we need the cadavers to study on. The T.A. teaches us all of the body parts we need to know on the cadaver at lab and then the next lab we are quizzed on where all of these things are located on the cadaver. We ended up having RB finish teaching us all of the arteries outside just using a diagram in our lab manual. It is kind of cool that I love the class so much I didn't want to have my time in the class cut short.
It looks like Maggie's the only one who has come up with some new titles for my blog, how come I knew that was going to happen?
Oo, Maggie last night David says to me "what's this?" pointing at the muscle under his armpit, and I say "that's the serratus anterior" and then he says "it hurts"!! I bet you're getting soooo excited!
It looks like I'm going to get to go camping this weekend after all. Not to Yellowstone, but still camping.


Okay, so I didn't like the title on my blog, so I'm changing it. But, I don't know what to change it to. So I figured I could get some help from all of my faithful fans (I don't know why I say that, I should just say, "Mags what should I name my blog?" and then she'd say "oh, name it something like...'I'm weird, but you should like me anyway' or 'Hi My name is Heather and I'm crazy'") who read this blog religiously. So, if you are just dieing to rename my blog, please leave your input. And thanks in advance for keeping the titles appropriate.
So, remember that one time, and I said I was going on a trip to Yellowstone? Yeah, the trip got canceled. I know, I am so dissapointed, so now we're going to have a barbeque or breakfast or something dumb, I mean cool, on "Pioneer Day". I wanted to see the buffaloes soo bad! And I wanted to get all stinky hiking around and not showering ever, and see Old Faithful, and do lots of other cool camping type stuff. but alas!
So my plan to get tan over the weekend didn't really work. I was out in the sun for hours and my farmers tan didn't fade at all! I think my skin has stopped producing melanin, next thing you know I am going to be albino. Yep, soon I will never be able to go outside without a full body suit protecting my delicate body from the harsh sun. It's a cruel, cruel world.

Going out of town

Finally, a vacation!! My Grandma decided that for an early birthday present this year she would fly me out to Carson City to see her and hang out with my family at the lake. I am hoping to get a little tan on my body, or at least get rid of my farmers tan I have going on my arms-I won't even mention my legs (why do people say they won't mention something and in the process of "not mentioning it" they are mentioning it? just a thought for the day). Anyway I'm pretty excited, plus I get to see Lake Tahoe, I haven't been there since before college. Whoa, it's been longer than I thought. I need a vacation. I think you finally become old when you have to scrounge for time to take a vacation. I'm only going to be there for like 2 1/2 days-leaving tonight and coming back Sunday afternoon. It's going to be great though, and then a week from today I will be heading out to Yellowstone! That is going to be awesome, I think I am even more excited that we dont have to shower or look nice at all. I love camping! Anyway, I am off to finish my day of non-vacation, but as soon as it is vacation time I'm not doing any work! (That's not true, I'm taking my computer and my Anatomy books with me, dumb!) Try not to get bored while I'm gone! ha ha!

My computer is being so retarded! As you all know I'm not the most computer savvy person out there. I think somehow I got some kind of virus, because my old internet explorer keeps popping up, even when I'm not doing anything with the internet, and displaying all kinds of web pages with ads for "Let Uncle Sam Make Money for You!" and "Your system has failed our virus check, download our free anti-virus program" and "You are the 100000000000th visitor to this site" like I purposely tried to visit the site, or my favorite "Get Our New Computer Gaming System" right like I play games on my computer, ever. I wouldn't mind getting Uncle Sam to make money for me, and YES I would like to get rid of whatever this virus/bug/stupidface is off of my computer.
Anyway, I'm a little frustrated...
Last night I missed dinner at Greg's because I went to my cousin's birthday party, we'll call it "Brittany's Surprise Birthday Bash" just for kicks... So the birthday bash started with my Aunt getting me to buy some balloons at the dolla--Interjection I just got another pop-up "even YOU can find romance at"--r store, of course I was going to help out my Aunt, but I HATE balloons. I don't know why, but I just don't like them. Luckily, the store only had millar balloons left, and I can tolerate the millar ones. Then it was just me and Matt at my Aunt's house for a little while... Matt was the photographer, he got lots of great photos of me, actually I think every picture I'm in I look drunk. Ok, ok, if you want to see pictures of me looking like an idiot here they are. But seriously, it's pretty bad...Thanks Matt.
This was a surprise party unlike any other; Brittany was actually surprised. We played silly games and broke open some pinatas. It was great, and we even got lettuce wraps from P.F. Changs yummy! We finished off the night with some strawberry pie, Brittany's (and my) favorite.
"Sign up for Satellite TV!" I'm going to go crazy if I can't fix my computer soon, I already ran Ad-aware, and my Norton ran out of its subscription recently, so it's not working. Man I stink at life sometimes.


Another thing about BYU in the summer is that there is so much going on, it is impossible to do everything. This past week Parker was up here for EFY, he got done Saturday morning at 7am. So after having gone to bed at 3:30 I woke up at 6:45-ish to pick up Parker and Mike. We dropped off Mike at the airport at 11am, and had the rest of the day to do anything we wanted. Since we were already in Salt lake we decided to stick around there for a while. For lunch we settled on The Pie...Utah's best Pizza. It was so good, and the atmosphere was cool too; if you get a chance, you should go there. Then we headed over to the famous 54 lane bowling alley (actually I don't think it's famous, but it should be, it totally creams Miracle Bowl). I was victorious in both games winning with an 88 in the first game and a 108 in the second, I didn't even have to try to win! (I'm just trying to rub it in your face David...even though you warned me beforehand that you're not any good at bowling.) Then we came home and took a nap while watching the movie Surf Ninjas--a classic. After that dinner at Sonic, and we rented the movie A Beautiful Mind (which was very good--although I'm sure I didn't need to tell you that). We went to David's and I fell asleep while David and Parker played Halo, obviously a very entertaining game... Then I took my brother to spend the night at my hometeachers apartment, he got his own bed and everything, it was pretty funny having him stay there. I picked him up Sunday morning and we made pancakes and eggs for breakfast then went to church, then (yes there's more) we came home and I made Sunday dinner, pesto pasta, Maggie's favorite. And finally we took Parker to the airport, and I went home and slept.
That was a pretty good story. I'm still recovering from my exhausting weekend...which reminds me I forgot to include Friday night. By special request I could tell you about my date on Friday. Yeah, I think that's a good idea. If you're interested let me know and if I get enough requests maybe I will actually write about it on here.
Thought for the day: while attending BYU in the summer, whenever you have the rare chance at some free time, take a nap. (sorry that means napping comes before writing in my blog)

On Tuesday we had dinner at Greg's again. Greg doesn't get out of class until 7, so Toria, David and I went early to make the dinner. We made meatloaf, "cowboy potatoes", rolls and vegetables. I worked on the meatloaf, we had to combine two different recipes, and the pan was overflowing with meat, but luckily unlike bread (and most other things you bake in the oven) it doesn't rise when it cooks. The meatloaf turned out pretty good, but it didn't have as much flavor in it as I am used to. My mom always makes hers with Worchestshire (I know I spelt that all wrong) sauce and garlic and other flavorful things. We just had tomatoe sauce, eggs, oats, meat, and onions. It was very moist at least. The cowboy potatoes were phenomenol! I will have to hand out the recipe to everyone.
My boss has been out of town this whole week and she won't be back until the 19th. I think it makes my job extra boring. Sometimes when I am working she will randomly pop her head over my cubicle and say hi, it kind of keeps me on my toes...not that I need supervision of any kind, but just knowing someone might be watching you... Anyway, my friend and I decided to spice up our work environment by making up stories about things that happen there. David works at a "data entry" place, so he says that the ninjas come and steal all of his companies top secret data. Well, I say that a giant octopus came and ate all of my looseleafs and was about to eat me too, but then captain wonderboy came and rescued me and made the giant octopus be my new pet, you should see how well he fits in our windowsill.

Happy 4th of July!

My family came in Friday night, and I have been so busy playing with them I haven't had time to make any posts. On Friday they didn't get here until 10, so we just went to the creamery and had ice cream. Did I mention my family is so crazy...My brothers and sisters are so weird they even ranked themselves from weird to weirdester--Chandler is weird, Parker is weirder, Paige is weirdest and Hayden is weirdester. I don't know what that says about how weird I am. (Maggie you don't need to comment on that-I already know you think I am the weirdest person alive...but hey that's why we are such good friends, right?)
On Saturday I went with my family and my aunt, uncle and cousin to Park City to do some shopping! The reason why this is exciting is because I am a poor college student so whenever my parents say "we're going shopping" that really means "we need to buy you lots of stuff Heather, because you have no money to buy it yourself", and it's true, I don't. I got 2 new skirts, a nice shirt, and some patriotic pajama bottoms-just what every girl needs. Because my parents are probably reading this I must add...Thank you so much for everything you do for me, I really appreciate your support in my education.
After shopping (which was about a 5 hour affair) we came home for the Fourth of July festivities! Being from Arizona I have never actively participated in firework displays...Fireworks are highly illegal in the big AZ. We had a barbeque, and set off our own fireworks, then my sister and my friend David and I met up with Jana, Toria and Cora to watch the Stadium of Fire fireworks at the field by DT. The fireworks were pretty good, but seemed a little short, I guess in Arizona since we can't light any of our own, we make the shows longer...I don't know. We didn't get home until an hour and a half after it ended. There were soo many people. Just imagine, not only the stadium packed to its fullest capacity, but all of the fields and parks near the stadium stuffed too. Yeah, we had no chance. And then my cousin tells me it took them 20 minutes to get home. dumb!
On Sunday I went to sacrament with my family at my Aunt's ward. Then my family and I left so we could go on a picnic. We had a nice drive, and ate some yummy sandwiches and then picked up Parker's friend, Mike from the airport. We went back to my Aunt's and finished off the rest of the fireworks, and my mom and I killed my cousin and her fiancee at rook! Monday morning we went out to breakfast before Parker and Mike had to be registered at BYU for EFY. Then I went with Greg, David, Toria and Jana to the Arches National Park. It was pretty cool, I'm always up for an adventure. We didn't end up leaving until 12 so we got there around 3:30 and hiked around and saw a bunch of different arches and then went into Moab for dinner before heading home. We didn't get home until 11:00, I was soo tired! But, I had a great weekend so it was all worth it!


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