On Tuesday we had dinner at Greg's again. Greg doesn't get out of class until 7, so Toria, David and I went early to make the dinner. We made meatloaf, "cowboy potatoes", rolls and vegetables. I worked on the meatloaf, we had to combine two different recipes, and the pan was overflowing with meat, but luckily unlike bread (and most other things you bake in the oven) it doesn't rise when it cooks. The meatloaf turned out pretty good, but it didn't have as much flavor in it as I am used to. My mom always makes hers with Worchestshire (I know I spelt that all wrong) sauce and garlic and other flavorful things. We just had tomatoe sauce, eggs, oats, meat, and onions. It was very moist at least. The cowboy potatoes were phenomenol! I will have to hand out the recipe to everyone.
My boss has been out of town this whole week and she won't be back until the 19th. I think it makes my job extra boring. Sometimes when I am working she will randomly pop her head over my cubicle and say hi, it kind of keeps me on my toes...not that I need supervision of any kind, but just knowing someone might be watching you... Anyway, my friend and I decided to spice up our work environment by making up stories about things that happen there. David works at a "data entry" place, so he says that the ninjas come and steal all of his companies top secret data. Well, I say that a giant octopus came and ate all of my looseleafs and was about to eat me too, but then captain wonderboy came and rescued me and made the giant octopus be my new pet, you should see how well he fits in our windowsill.


  1. Maggie said...

    Wow, I never knew the law library was such an exciting place! I would like it if you wrote about your date. I think that would be something interesting to hear about. Or maybe I'll just call you. That would be nice. Plus, I want to talk to you about stuff anyway. So I guess you don't need to write about your date because I'm going to talk to you. Ok....good.  

  2. Heather said...

    Wow, thanks maggie. That was a great comment. When are you going to call me? I love you!
    P.s. the date was great!  

  3. Katie said...

    Maggie needs to talk to you to compare dating notes since she is now completely involved in a relationship. So involved in fact that she doesn't have time to call her older sister. Rude.  


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