Going out of town

Finally, a vacation!! My Grandma decided that for an early birthday present this year she would fly me out to Carson City to see her and hang out with my family at the lake. I am hoping to get a little tan on my body, or at least get rid of my farmers tan I have going on my arms-I won't even mention my legs (why do people say they won't mention something and in the process of "not mentioning it" they are mentioning it? just a thought for the day). Anyway I'm pretty excited, plus I get to see Lake Tahoe, I haven't been there since before college. Whoa, it's been longer than I thought. I need a vacation. I think you finally become old when you have to scrounge for time to take a vacation. I'm only going to be there for like 2 1/2 days-leaving tonight and coming back Sunday afternoon. It's going to be great though, and then a week from today I will be heading out to Yellowstone! That is going to be awesome, I think I am even more excited that we dont have to shower or look nice at all. I love camping! Anyway, I am off to finish my day of non-vacation, but as soon as it is vacation time I'm not doing any work! (That's not true, I'm taking my computer and my Anatomy books with me, dumb!) Try not to get bored while I'm gone! ha ha!



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