Wedding details...

This is the wedding cake I would like to have I like the style and it's navy blue! I don't want the silver things on top though...

It's going to be a lemon cake with raspberry filling, yum! I think we'll probably have sheets of other flavors of cake as well though... I guess I'll find out when I talk to the catering people.

My potential hairstyle...

This information is for the girls who have been asking Matt questions, and he being a boy has no idea how to answer them. If you have any other questions that you just have to know about the wedding leave a comment, and I'll let you know!

P.s. I get to see Matt in 4 days!

Mid-week fiesta

Last night my dad made egg enchiladas for dinner, they were so delicious! I just realized that it was Wednesday night when this happened; it was Mid-week Fiesta and I didn't even know it! Anyway, I just had to let Margs know that we had mid-week fiesta, and I'm sad she couldn't join in the festivities.
Also I get to see Matt in a week. We are flying/meeting in Reno where Grammy will pick us up and let us spend the evening with her. We get to stay at her house for Thursday night before we drive to Oakhurst/Fresno, where Matt's family lives, Friday morning. Matt and I are so excited to get to have our first trip together. It will be so fun to see Grammy and for Matt to meet her; she's pretty crazy, and so much fun. I am excited to meet Matt's family, I'm not really sure what to expect, but they have to like me because Matt already decided to marry me, Hah ha!

Maggie: yo tengo esparanza en mi corazon que sepamos amigas para siempre.

That was in honor of Mid-week fiesta...

Anyone who speaks Spanish: did I conjugate ser correctly?


A few free moments all to myself, I will spend them...writing a new, good post. Or at least a new one, you can be the judge of the good part.
So for this summer you can count on each of my posts saying something about Matt and I getting married. If that kind of thing erks you, or something along those lines feel free to exit my blog
I decided that I will be changing the theme of my blog, it will be called "Why I love Mathew Schaffer with all of my heart" actually, no it won't, but that would be pretty sappy of me (I'm not really much of a romantic, except for when it comes to the movie Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and other type hits).

There are several reasons why I have become an unfaithful blogger. I will make a list.

  1. Matt is in Utah and I am in Arizona, we try to find every possible way to be communicating at all times.
  2. I work full time in Phoenix, that means leaving the house at 7 and being back home between 5 and 6, sometimes later (like the time I went to Grandma Higgins's after getting off of work at 5:30 to make peach jam and didn't get home until 10).
  3. Living with my family requires me to do lots of family stuff-which is a good thing, but certainly does keep me away from my blog. Like getting off work and going straight to my sister's track meet (her relay team won first place at their regional championships, Paige is a sprinting fiend), to Parker's jazz band concert (he plays the drums like a madman), to Chandler and Hayden's coach-pitch softball games, etc.
  4. Living with my family also means sharing the internet/computer with 6 other people, who usually like to be using the computer at the only times I can use it. Also the reliable computer is in my parents room and I can't just go in and use it anytime I please, like say when my parents are sleeping (However, my dad and Matt recently-and by recently I mean three nights ago-set up my lap top's wireless though, so that means I no longer have to wait for my turn on the computer).
  5. Planning for my wedding is taking up a lot of my freetime, this is also a good thing though...
All right I think that's about it for my list of why I'm a bad blogger. Since I have the internet on my laptop now I should be writing on here plenty more. Also in case you were wondering I've made a count know for my wedding day, um it's 91 days until Matt and I get married. So, that's my post.

Matt came down to Arizona this past weekend. While he was here we got to do a lot of "wedding stuff". This includes getting engagement photos taken, here's one of my favorites:

So, I left Provo being engaged to Matt, but not having been officially proposed to. Matt and I planned on him coming out here to visit three weeks after we left so that he could meet my family, and I figured that would be when he would propose to me.

While I was finishing up my last final my mom and Matt, unbeknownst to me, were hanging out planning a surprise trip for the next weekend. My mom and I drove down to Arizona the next day, and I started my first day of work on Monday. It didn't take me long to realize how much I missed Matt and how hard this summer was/is going to be.

My family has a projector and a screen we set up on the weekends to watch movies in our backyard. So, my mom said it was bride's pick for Friday night. We set up our projector and screen and chose to watch Father of the Bride. My brother invited a friend over, and my mom said she was worried we wouldn't be able to hear the doorbell ring during the movie. So since our intercom is connected to our phones she had me set up a phone in my sister's room that is right behind the back porch, to be sure that we could hear it when someone came to the door...

My brother's friend got to our house before we started the movie, and after we had only gotten 15 minutes into the movie the phone in Hayden's room rang as the doorbell. My mom jabbed my side and told me to go get the door; I didn't know why I had to be the one to get the door, but after a little while I finally got up and went inside to answer the door.

When I opened the door there was nothing and no one there but a small white box with a white ribbon. I picked up the box and looked around for a minute, still clueless as to what was going on. I turned back into our house and shut the door. Our house was pitch black inside because we didn't want any lights on obstructing the quality of the picture on our projector screen. I could hear my family at the open window looking out at our back porch. They were crouched up together (I couldn't see them, but I assume they were) and I heard someone say, "where is she?" and my mom say, "she just shut the door." At this point I knew something was up, so I turned back to the front door and saw someone coming from the window next to the door. When I opened the door Matt was walking towards me. He grabbed the still unopen box (I had managed to get the ribbon off) pulled out the ring case and opened it. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him...
I said yes.

I had absolutely no idea he was coming out for the weekend. It was a complete surprise, and the best surprise of my life. Matt was shaking when he was holding my hand asking me to marry him. He said he was nervous, which I thought was funny since we both knew I was going to say yes. But he said he was nervous because it was a big deal. I've never been proposed to before, but I'm pretty sure this is the best proposal I've ever had.


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