Is a concept I will never understand.

Matt is sitting in the same room as me watching a football game he recorded on Sunday. He couldn't watch it on Sunday because the game took place entirely while we were at church. So, he has spent the last couple of nights getting caught up on the game he missed. The thing is he already knows the score. The Eagles ("Matt's team") killed the 49ers. I don't understand how it could possibly be entertaining to watch a whole football game that you already know the final score of. I have a hard enough time sitting and watching a regular football game at home. It's just not entertaining. Actually I take that back...watching Matt's reactions to the events taking place can be very entertaining. "T.O.!" is something he shouts often as well as "blam!"
We're going to a BYU game in October, I'm pretty excited about that. Watching football in an actual football stadium, where you can see the players right in front of you is very exciting. It makes it feel like it's actually happening, not just something that's on tv. Why is it just as entertaining for guys whether they're at the game or in their home watching it?

Bitter Sweet

Matt and I got TONS of Target giftcards from the wedding. We got so many in fact, that we weren't able to use all of them on household items. Instead we now have extra grocery money! I'm not sure how I like grocery shopping at Target. Their selection is very random. They have to have the top brands in everything so they are more expensive, but they also have generic target brands that aren't too bad. Anyway, when you go to target and you're using "play money" you can splurge without feeling guilty. We have a big bowl full of delicous, creamy, smooth, decadent Ghiradelli Chocolate squares of the milk, mint and carmel filled variety. MMmmmm... AND they were on sale, 3 bags for $5! Can you believe it? Cause I can't! If you happen to go to Target in the next couple of days I highly suggest you check the sweets aisle to see if those Ghiradelli squares are still on sale. Yum!

My faithful black "tall shoes" I've had since junior year of high school broke today. It was a sad day for all. Tears were shed, ankles were bruised, and hearts were lifted at the thought of buying new shoes to replace the old ones!

Blaine Furniss

I'm taking a field botany class. The professor's name is Blaine Furniss. I took a basic botany class from him my freshman year. This is when I first learned of how awesome Blaine is. He's super old, and he has a passion for plants. When we are touring campus identifying different plants he walks with a bounce in his step and a certain speed like he is beside himself with excitement to see more leaves. He says the weirdest things too. I like to write them down and look back at them and have a good laugh. The other day we're talking about how people like to say that a tree or a cone is a female or male cone/tree. Blaine gets a little heated up about this and tries to explain why a tree or a cone can't be specified as male or female (only the zygote can). To bring his point home he says, "Chlorophyte tissue is about as sexless as a fence post." I don't know why I thought that was so funny. It must have been the way he delivered it. Then last Friday we had a girl in our class leave after our quiz at the beginning class. Prof. Furniss started talking about her because we found a tree that was native to where she grew up and then he remembered that she wasn't with us. He says, "oh yeah, she's not here; she's picking up her boyfriend from the airport. Ashley's going to be getting some lip action tonight."

It's about time...

There are several reasons why posting on my blog became impossible. But I'm not going to bore you with that nonsense...

So it turns out, I'm married!
I run into friends on campus and they are shocked to hear that I am married. (not because they don't think I would get married, more like no one was really aware of how serious Matt and I were before because we got engaged at the very end of the semester and hardly anyone knew about it.) Anyways, I ran into my friend Kim on campus and she asked me "how is it?" (being married that is) I couldn't help but say it is the greatest thing ever; I love being married and highly recommend it. I guess it probably does help that Matt is such an amazing guy, but I'm just saying, it's a lot of fun.
If you read Matt's blog you'll get a pretty good run-down of the whole thing pre-wedding to post-honeymoon. Now we are so cute in our two bedroom (with Matt it's one bedroom, 1 computer room/office) condo. Everything's still not organized, but it looks pretty good. The walls are completely bare because we've left the putting up photos, shelves, mirrors, etc. til last because I kind of want to see how everything looks before I start putting stuff up all over our walls. I love "decorating" our home. Everything's just the way I like it, simple and classy. I'm hoping to get everything up on the walls by Saturday.
We also have a pet. It's a blue Betta fish. He's pretty awesome, but I don't know how long he will survive. Every time we feed him, he doesn't eat any of the food...I'm pretty sure that's a bad sign. And luckily the Betta fish food is made of little brown pellets, so when he doesn't eat them it looks like there's fish poop floating around in the fish bowl. Anyway, we got Babe the Big, Blue Fish from the reception we had in California. Matt's mom and sister put fish bowls on every table with blue Betta fish in them, and we got to bring one home. So Betta fish are the ones that are really fiesty. Babe is super fiesty sometimes he'll just slam himself up against the wall of the vase, that we're using as a fish bowl, repetitively.
All right I think I've brought you up to speed then. We are married. We live in a condo. We have a blue fish named Babe. I love being married.


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