Is a concept I will never understand.

Matt is sitting in the same room as me watching a football game he recorded on Sunday. He couldn't watch it on Sunday because the game took place entirely while we were at church. So, he has spent the last couple of nights getting caught up on the game he missed. The thing is he already knows the score. The Eagles ("Matt's team") killed the 49ers. I don't understand how it could possibly be entertaining to watch a whole football game that you already know the final score of. I have a hard enough time sitting and watching a regular football game at home. It's just not entertaining. Actually I take that back...watching Matt's reactions to the events taking place can be very entertaining. "T.O.!" is something he shouts often as well as "blam!"
We're going to a BYU game in October, I'm pretty excited about that. Watching football in an actual football stadium, where you can see the players right in front of you is very exciting. It makes it feel like it's actually happening, not just something that's on tv. Why is it just as entertaining for guys whether they're at the game or in their home watching it?


  1. Matt said...

    I'm really glad you decided to write about this. Hearing your perspective on this makes me laugh. Love you!  

  2. Maggie said...

    Dan and I are going to the OSU v WSU game next weekend with my parents. I figure that's about the only one I'll be attending this season. Dan has other ideas.  


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