Blaine Furniss

I'm taking a field botany class. The professor's name is Blaine Furniss. I took a basic botany class from him my freshman year. This is when I first learned of how awesome Blaine is. He's super old, and he has a passion for plants. When we are touring campus identifying different plants he walks with a bounce in his step and a certain speed like he is beside himself with excitement to see more leaves. He says the weirdest things too. I like to write them down and look back at them and have a good laugh. The other day we're talking about how people like to say that a tree or a cone is a female or male cone/tree. Blaine gets a little heated up about this and tries to explain why a tree or a cone can't be specified as male or female (only the zygote can). To bring his point home he says, "Chlorophyte tissue is about as sexless as a fence post." I don't know why I thought that was so funny. It must have been the way he delivered it. Then last Friday we had a girl in our class leave after our quiz at the beginning class. Prof. Furniss started talking about her because we found a tree that was native to where she grew up and then he remembered that she wasn't with us. He says, "oh yeah, she's not here; she's picking up her boyfriend from the airport. Ashley's going to be getting some lip action tonight."


  1. Maggie said...

    Well the first one made me laugh more than the second one. All in all, a pretty funny prof though I'd say.  

  2. Sam said...

    Yay Blaine! I love that guy.  

  3. Ariana said...

    I found this blog by searching "Blaine Furniss" in google..... Just FYI, he has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma and is currently receiving chemo. He will no longer be teaching, unless by some miracle he survives the treatment and the cancer goes into remission. I had him about 7 years ago for field botany. He was so awesome! Wish him well!  


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