So, I'm currently taking an entomology class. Every time I mention this class to my mom she's all like, "what's that? the study of Entenmann's?" Actually I was even on the phone with her when I first told her I would be taking this class. Luckily she just happened to bump into some friends back home, in the grocery store, while I was telling her about entomology. So the first thing she says to the friends in the store is, "Heather is almost graduated. She is taking a class called entomology, it's the study of Entenmann's. " (Maybe Maggie could have taken a class like that?)

My mom is really funny. and so is my dad. I think I definitely get my sense of humor from them. Matt thinks we're all crazy.

Anyway, entomology is actually the study of insects, and it's way nerdier and never as tasty as an Entenmannology class (my professor did mention something about sauteeing grubs in butter). I do get to make such a thing called a 'killing jar'. Which is a cool name. It's really just acetone soaked plaster of paris in the bottom of a lidded jar. I have to collect insects for the class, which I'm a little skeptical about. I really don't want to get stung or bit during the process of collecting. I also don't want to so thoroughly enjoy myself that my freezer begins to be stocked with insects (although in class we've learned that you should only keep your insects in a regular freezer for a couple days). It is actually interesting learning about insects. We have some kids in the class who are just taking it for fun, and are in majors that have nothing to do with biology (and Matt says I am a nerd).

Anyway, that's all I really have to say about bugs for now. I really want an Entenmann's danish or donut now.

Here in UT when it starts hitting 90 degrees they start rolling out the temporary sno-cone stands. At our local Albertson's they have one out front and Matt begged me to let us get some sno-cones after grocery shopping today.
These were some of the worst sno-cones I have ever seen. You're probably wondering "how do you mess up a sno-cone?" Let me tell you it was like a sugary syrupy drink with a bit of ice in it. I watched in horror as the ill-skilled sno-cone maker lazily poured the syrup onto the unpacked mound of ice. So syrupy I spilt it all over my pants trying to get in the car.

You see having grown up in Arizona, I take my sno-cones seriously. (Actually we call them shaved-ice in Arizona, maybe because they don't come in a cone?) One shop I frequented often was Bahama Buck's My favorite was the Pinacolada shaved ice with cream. MMMM. The cream is the secret, it's the best part. Their whole business, year-round is based on the sno-cone (they have other things like smoothies, but no one went there for those). We also have the local Water 'n Ice chains, my friend's dad owned a few of these in highschool so we used to get discounted rates on our shaved ice.

Anyway, I guess I can understand why Arizona would have superior sno-cones to Utah, but this sno-cone maker lady (the one in front of the Albertson's) created her sno-cones as if she had never seen and/or heard of a sno-cone before in her life. Do you think a shop like Bahama Buck's would do well in UT, where it gets cold in the winter? Is this the kind of treat you should be able to enjoy all year round (that is in places where it actually gets lower than 50 degrees in the winter)?

Funny Signs I

One time when I went to the mall I saw this sign:

I thought it was so funny I immediately took a photo of it with my cell phone. I am so grateful to have my cell phone so I can always remember the time I saw a sign at the mall for 'Tooting Tailors'.

P.s. For any of you who have given up on looking for new posts on his blog, Matt finally wrote on his blog.

I took my final this morning, and I am done with classes for a week and a half! I thought I'd celebrate by turning some of our leftover graham crackers (we brought three boxes for smores, aparently that was a little overkill) and some delicious chocolate frosting into pooh-wiches for me. Yum! I don't really know why they are called pooh-wiches, that's what my family has always called them. Also, I found a tv station that plays re-runs of Gilmore Girls and this is pretty much the best day ever!

Grand Canyon Recap

We had so much fun camping with my family at the Grand Canyon this past weekend. Everything was gorgeous including the weather. The camping food was super yummy too. Matt took tons of photos; I'll put a couple up here, but you can see all of them here.

Here's Matt and I, you can't see much of the canyon though.

Cotton was really enjoying throwing dirt in the air and wiping his grubby hands on his face. Adorable.

Here's some of the wildlife we got to see. We saw a deer too, but I like this cute little chipmunk better.

My mom decided Saturday would be "Family Solidarity Day", so that's why we're all wearing pink or red. You, can't see much of the canyon in this one either...

All right here's a few Matt took of the actual Grand Canyon:

It was a little hazy while we were there; you may be able to catch a glimpse of the fire that was raging along the south rim. Well, I hope you enjoy the photos!


Matt and I went on our ward campout to Payson Lakes this last weekend. It was super fun! It was really great to get to know some of the people in our ward better. We're in a married student ward, so it's hard to make new friends. Everyone's in the "I just got married to my best friend, and we already have close friends, so I don't really need to try hard to make anymore" state of mind (yes, even Matt and I). We had a lot of fun telling stories, and played the two truths and a lie game. The camping part was great, except that we had no soft mattress for under our sleeping bag so all that was between us and the rocks in the ground was the tent. This made it a little hard to sleep, but we made it through, and I took a long nap when we got home.

We decided to take it easy this trip since it was our first ever camping trip together and it was only from 6pm Friday to 11am Saturday. I packed us some Tuna salad sandwiches instead of trying to bring raw meat and stoves and charcoal and all of that great camping stuff.

This weekend we'll be going all out. We're meeting my family at North Rim, Grand Canyon NP. We are so excited! Matt and I are in charge of breakfast one day while we're there. So, we're doing a peachy dutch oven french toast, and a bacon, egg and cheese hash. Yum! I love camping food, everything tastes better when you're camping. We're also bringing chocolate and grahams for smores and strawberry lemonade and I'm freezing a bunch of strawberries to take for ice cubes in the lemonade (I really like food, so I always pay attention to little details in a meal).

We are also so excited for the trip because my whole family is coming. Matt and I are the only ones that will be roughing it in a tent, my family has one of those fold-down campers, and Brooke and Nate are renting a mini RV (I think it's mostly because she has two little guys and they don't have all of the camping equipment they would need to accommodate their whole family, plus Brooke is pregnant!) I'm sure Chandler or Hayden would love to sleep in our HUGE tent with me and Matt. I hope we will get to go down to the bottom of the canyon; I haven't been there since I was about 6 months old (so, I don't remember much about it).

P.s. Blogger is having a problem with the photos, so sorry if they don't load.

I found this place while "blog surfing" (I know I'm a total dork, but it's okay because I took a test today and I am totally on top of things right now). So, here's one of my original paintings:

And this is where you can make one yourself. You should try it, because it is fun, and cool.

blog update

I finally fixed my blog. It might be a lot of blue for some of you, but I like it. I got the background of my blog from the makers of the new Superman movie so thanks to them for helping me fix my blog. I feel very hip and very nerdy at the same time. Hope you all enjoy!


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