Professional-grade Sno-cones

Here in UT when it starts hitting 90 degrees they start rolling out the temporary sno-cone stands. At our local Albertson's they have one out front and Matt begged me to let us get some sno-cones after grocery shopping today.
These were some of the worst sno-cones I have ever seen. You're probably wondering "how do you mess up a sno-cone?" Let me tell you it was like a sugary syrupy drink with a bit of ice in it. I watched in horror as the ill-skilled sno-cone maker lazily poured the syrup onto the unpacked mound of ice. So syrupy I spilt it all over my pants trying to get in the car.

You see having grown up in Arizona, I take my sno-cones seriously. (Actually we call them shaved-ice in Arizona, maybe because they don't come in a cone?) One shop I frequented often was Bahama Buck's My favorite was the Pinacolada shaved ice with cream. MMMM. The cream is the secret, it's the best part. Their whole business, year-round is based on the sno-cone (they have other things like smoothies, but no one went there for those). We also have the local Water 'n Ice chains, my friend's dad owned a few of these in highschool so we used to get discounted rates on our shaved ice.

Anyway, I guess I can understand why Arizona would have superior sno-cones to Utah, but this sno-cone maker lady (the one in front of the Albertson's) created her sno-cones as if she had never seen and/or heard of a sno-cone before in her life. Do you think a shop like Bahama Buck's would do well in UT, where it gets cold in the winter? Is this the kind of treat you should be able to enjoy all year round (that is in places where it actually gets lower than 50 degrees in the winter)?


  1. Bryant said...

    I always wonder if shaved ice and snow cones are really the same thing, or if the distinction is about the shape of the ice pieces.  

  2. Kim said...

    I have an obsession with sno-cones (shaved ice, however you prefer) also. We take them pretty seriously in Idaho where I come from too. My favorite is when they put the ice cream in the middle. YUM!  

  3. Maggie said...

    Actually there is a difference between sno-cone and shaved ice. Not only do sno-cones come in the distinctive cone shape, but they also have crushed ice pieces. Shaved ice on the other hand starts out with a big block of ice and shaves pieces off of it. I prefer shaved ice over sno-cones for the very reason stated above. Shaved ice has a better consistancy and can be packed better. Also sno-cones tend to clump up too much. My favorite is the Hawiian shaved ice brand.  


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