So, I'm currently taking an entomology class. Every time I mention this class to my mom she's all like, "what's that? the study of Entenmann's?" Actually I was even on the phone with her when I first told her I would be taking this class. Luckily she just happened to bump into some friends back home, in the grocery store, while I was telling her about entomology. So the first thing she says to the friends in the store is, "Heather is almost graduated. She is taking a class called entomology, it's the study of Entenmann's. " (Maybe Maggie could have taken a class like that?)

My mom is really funny. and so is my dad. I think I definitely get my sense of humor from them. Matt thinks we're all crazy.

Anyway, entomology is actually the study of insects, and it's way nerdier and never as tasty as an Entenmannology class (my professor did mention something about sauteeing grubs in butter). I do get to make such a thing called a 'killing jar'. Which is a cool name. It's really just acetone soaked plaster of paris in the bottom of a lidded jar. I have to collect insects for the class, which I'm a little skeptical about. I really don't want to get stung or bit during the process of collecting. I also don't want to so thoroughly enjoy myself that my freezer begins to be stocked with insects (although in class we've learned that you should only keep your insects in a regular freezer for a couple days). It is actually interesting learning about insects. We have some kids in the class who are just taking it for fun, and are in majors that have nothing to do with biology (and Matt says I am a nerd).

Anyway, that's all I really have to say about bugs for now. I really want an Entenmann's danish or donut now.


  1. Maggie said...

    I personally think every post you have from now on should mention something about food. (Preferably a dessert dish.) There were two girls that were biology majors in my technical writing class that had gone through the "bug catching" class (those are my words not theirs) and they were FANATICS about their bug collections at the end. They had mounted them and one girl brought hers into class. She had written a manual about how to start your own bug collection. It was actually for high school students in a science class so it wasn't totally nerdy, well, ok it was totally nerdy, but not too bad I thought.  


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