Tulip Festival

Matt and I went with our friend Paul to the Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival on Saturday. This is our second year going, and I love it! Matt and Paul both enjoy photography, so we took tons of photos. I inherited Matt's old camera when he got his fancy new one for his birthday. Here are a few of my photos:

Here's Matt on a Segway. They had a free demo at the Festival.

I really liked this little Cherub.

Here are some of the pretty tulips.

If you want to see more photos we took you can look at our flickr pages.

Matt decided he wanted to document my pregnancy by taking a picture of my belly every week. So, I thought you would enjoy coming along for the ride. Here is last week, 11 weeks:

and 12 weeks:

In the first one I just look chubby, so that's fantastic. It turns out if I wear actual maternity shirts I look less chubby. It's fun to be able to wear maternity clothes. I haven't tried any bottoms yet, just shirts. Although when I sit down it kind of feels like I'm full all the time, and I want to unbutton my pants. I asked Matt to get me one of those Bella bands, so I will start using that before I get too uncomfortable I'm sure. Today I was sitting on the couch and my belly started twitching. I thought it could be the baby and I started giggling so much thinking about the baby kicking against my belly. I don't think it was the baby really (I think it's too early to feel the baby, and I don't really know what to be looking for), but it was funny to think about the baby kicking me. Then I was laughing so hard the baby probably felt like I was kicking it back. Anyways, it was fun. I haven't really felt pregnant. I haven't been able to really tell there's a baby inside of me (besides that I felt nauseous a lot, and other things like that), so it was fun to think about the baby kicking me.

Oh I wrote to Design Mom about my problem with gliders (I think they're hideous), and I got some good info about where I might get a pretty rocking chair. I like the one from Ikea they talked about, and the idea of getting an old one from eBay and fixing it up. Utah gets their very own Ikea in May, so I have quite a few things I want to check out there. We're hoping to move soon, and I have been eying a few things on their website. I'm pretty excited.

Big News!

I've been waiting to tell everyone for a long time. I am pregnant! According to the doctor visit today I am 10 weeks along, but that little counter thing says I am only 9 weeks. So, It's going to be a little off from my doctor's calculations. (Okay only 2 days, but it's a big deal to me.) We told my parents as soon as we found out and Matt's. My mom couldn't keep it a secret though. She told my cousin and her husband and my little sister accidentally. Then she told my grandparents. Then Matt and I visited AZ, and my mom spilled the beans at Relief Society. So by now I expect almost everyone that knows my mom knows that I am pregnant.
So far, I am healthy. I just get some morning sickness and I am always tired. According to Matt I go to bed at like 8, sometimes 7. Anyway, we're both really excited. I haven't been posting because I've been really busy with work and really tired. I didn't even decorate for Easter, so you know I must be exhausted.

P.s. Congrats to Maggie and Dan and their new baby Charlotte! I haven't been able to get a hold of Maggie to tell her yet.


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