Brooke had her baby Thursday night, while I was on the road home. So here's a good story:
Brooke had been having contractions since Tuesday the 3rd and had been holding out for quite some time. She finally decided to go to the hospital this last Thursday. So she and Nate got in the car with my parents following in their car behind them. Brooke and Nate's car gets a flat tire on the freeway, so Brooke sits in the Suburban and waits for Nate and my dad to change the tire. My dad drives back to Brooke and Nate's to exchange cars while Nate, Brooke, and my mom continue on to the hospital. Once there the nurses act as if Brooke has all the time in the world to have the baby. Finally my mom tells the nurses Brooke is in a lot of pain, and they let her into a delivery room. They get into the room at 6:30 and Brooke has the baby at 6:59. Yeah. I want to be in labor that long too. With Nixon she was only in labor for an hour. She's crazy.

Here's the wedding party at Brittany and Ben's wedding reception.


So last week was totally crazy. I felt like I was running around like a moose without his horns. There was my birthday, and cleaning my aunts house, while also attempting to go to class, take tests, go to work and sleep. Then there was my cousins wedding and reception, and my preparing for finals this week- which I have already taken one final and I have two left. I went to Bounitful with David for his Dad's birthday dinner last night, and went to sleep at 9:30-ish so I could wake up at 4 and study some more for my Anatomy Lab Final which I took promptly at 8 am this morning. My birthday was so much fun. It was possibly my best birthday ever. I was getting calls from all kinds of people, and every time they called they started in with a rousing rendition of "Happy Birthday to You"! I got a call from my Grandma in Payson, AZ, and a call from Grammy in Carson City, NV, and one from the Magster, as well as one from Brittney Smith, My mom, Brooke, David, Laura, Scottie (my cousin), as well as Brittany (Scott's older sister) and her fiancee Ben-who is now her husband.I think that's about it. I had flowers waiting for me when I got to work- tulips, my favorite! And at work we had some cake and sat around and talked so I only had about an hour and 15 minutes of real work. I picked up my Dad from the airport and we went to eat at Rumbi's Island Grill-It is sooo good, I think it has become my favorite restaurant. Mags I'll take you there some day. Then we drove home from Salt Lake and decided to stop in at Village Inn for some pie, I got French tasty, and what made it even tastier is the waitress found out it was my birthday and let me have it for free! Which my Dad was paying anyway, but still it was free.
Now we have come to a new week, and it is probably going to be just as crazy as last week. But soon I will be relaxing in AZ with my family. I am so excited to go home! and I will get to see Brooke's new baby (she hasn't had him yet, cross your fingers that he'll wait for me to get there). I think that's it for now.

Here's another beautiful Higgins

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Here are some pictures from my vacation to Lake Tahoe

Me and Channie
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Sparks and Paige
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I'm still awesome

I was reminded by an old friend of something I did when I was a Freshman here at the BYU. There were four of us on my hall that had three or four classes together, including a calculus class that required us to do homework every night. So the four of us congregated in the mezzanine (upstairs above the lobby in the dorms) and cracked jokes and messed around while eating snacks bought from our "fake money" dining plus cards.. and attempted to work on our calculus homework. Every time we went up to study in the mezzanine without fail, someone would be downstairs playing "the clapping game"--at least that is what I imagined was happening down in the lobby. One day I just couldn't take it anymore, and in a fit of rage I yelled out, "Man, someone's playing that clapping game again!" For a second all was quiet as the other girls looked at each other wondering what on earth I was talking about. Soon you could see the light bulbs flashing in their heads and they were all rolling with laughter as I stared at them blankly. When one of the girls could finally manage to get a few words out of her mouth, she kindly explained to me that no one was clapping downstairs. You see, we had a pool table in our lobby, and that was the clapping noise I had been hearing all that time. You are probably wondering why I have told you all this story. It is simply because I needed to remind you of how awesome I am. So, I think that about does it.


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