Brooke had her baby Thursday night, while I was on the road home. So here's a good story:
Brooke had been having contractions since Tuesday the 3rd and had been holding out for quite some time. She finally decided to go to the hospital this last Thursday. So she and Nate got in the car with my parents following in their car behind them. Brooke and Nate's car gets a flat tire on the freeway, so Brooke sits in the Suburban and waits for Nate and my dad to change the tire. My dad drives back to Brooke and Nate's to exchange cars while Nate, Brooke, and my mom continue on to the hospital. Once there the nurses act as if Brooke has all the time in the world to have the baby. Finally my mom tells the nurses Brooke is in a lot of pain, and they let her into a delivery room. They get into the room at 6:30 and Brooke has the baby at 6:59. Yeah. I want to be in labor that long too. With Nixon she was only in labor for an hour. She's crazy.


  1. Anonymous said...

    Wow great story! I hope you guys are one big happy family! Congratulations Brooke and Nate on your new arrival!  


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