Back to School

I love how BYU looks when school starts up again. There are tons of people walking around with maps and absolutely no idea where they are going. There's swarms of kids heading to class- yesterday I was late to my Chemistry class in the BNSN building because there was a major traffic jam in the JKHB where I had just had my D&C class. There are tons of flowers all over campus and everything just looks so fresh. The only thing I don't like are the lines at the book store. "Welcome to the BYU Bookstore, if you are looking for the end of the line to buy books it is currently at the back of aisle 31 on the east end of the bookstore, you will see one of our bookstore employees holding up a sign there," is what's being announced over the intercom as you arrive, pick out your books (which is a tricky thing in and of itself), find the end of the line, as you wait in the line, and while you actually finally get to purchase your books. Then it's what you hear again the next day as you wait in another line to return some of the books it turns out you don't actually need.
School is going great. I have only gone to three days of classes, but so far I am loving them. I am especially excited for my two religion classes: second half of D&C and Sharing the Gospel with Brother Bott. I have been told since my freshman year here that I have to take Sharing the Gospel with Bott, "it's part of the BYU experience" I have gone to Sharing the Gospel twice now, and I already love it! It is ranking right up there with Bioethics, Molecular Biology, and first half New Testament with Sister Strathearn. I am beginning to realize that none of my classes that I am taking right now are ranked in the Super Hard category. In fact I don't think I have any in the Hard category.
Let's see... Physiology, Physics, and Intro O-Chem: Medium Hard. Art History: Medium Hard to Not so Hard. D&C: Not so Hard. and Sharing the Gospel: Super Easy and Awesome (or maybe it should be, super easy because it is so awesome--either way). I'll keep you updated if any of those rankings change throughout the semester though.
Anyway, I am enjoying school thus far, which is great because I was afraid I was going to be so sick of it at the end of the summer, I would need more than just a two week break to get back in school mode.
Well, Greg is in Claifornia getting ready to go on his mission to Samoa, so we don't have Tuesday Night Dinner at Greg's anymore. But we did have a couple of the usuals for dinner here last night, we just had pizza from Little Ceasar's though, not the gormet stuff that Greg used to make. Tonight we're having mid-week fiesta though, I'm making egg enchiladas again because they were such a hit last time.

Sorry about my lack of posts--I had tons of fun in the Big AZ though!



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