Being sick

Oooo. Isn't my blog pretty?
So, the other day I was sick. I came home from my classes in the morning, and felt like my insides were going to explode. So, I stayed home from work. I curled up in my bed and slept for maybe 20 minutes before Maggie and Dan got home. So, I met Dan and I talked to them for a bit, and still felt gross so I curled up with Maggie's "ugly blanket" and went to sleep. This blanket is soo good. It is comfy and warm, I love it! (Despite the random hot pink and forest green colors as well as a miriad of other colors) Anyway, the blanket smells just like my grandparents RV too, so it was so soothing, and reminded me of good times with my grandparents.
Getting sick growing up was a little bit of a different process for my family. With Hayden at home there was no way I would be allowed in the house with any kind of sick germs. So, every time I got sick I was shipped over to my grandparents house to be taken care of by Grandma Higgins. My Dad will know exactly what happened there. I was forced to drink tons of grape juice (which I like, so I was okay with it), then my grandma would get out a bunch of sheets to put on the couch and wrap me in a couple afghans. And she made me sleep! Man, I was used to going outside and climbing up trees, playing dress ups with all of my aunts old dance costumes, or playing in the irrigation when I went to Grandma and Grandpa's house. It was tough times. But I loved it anyway.
We had our second soccer game last night. We only lost 5-0 this time! woohoo! Small steps, small steps...


  1. Bryant said...

    If we keep improving at a linear rate in three games we'll be winning!  

  2. Heather said...

    Hey that would be just in time for our last game!  

  3. Aimee said...

    Maybe it was all the South African chocolate that made you sick. ;) Hopefully you are feeling better.  

  4. David Elias said...

    Only 3 more games? That's kind of sad. When's the next one?  

  5. the narrator said...

    wow.if your insides exploded... well, that would be awesome! except then you would be dead and that would be sad.

    when i drink milk after going milkless for a while, my insides explode, but that's kind of different.

    ...and it smells bad too  


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