Yesterday was crazy. In fact most days are crazy.
The other night I had this dream (it is very abnormal for me to remember my dreams so you can just imagine how weird and warped this dream was), and we were watching the news-by we I mean me and my dad and maybe my mom was there too, I can't remember. Anyway, we were watching the news. So they're talking about some far off place, South America or something, there was this animal that was killing tons of people (I think the announcer said something like 98 people killed by one animal). It lived under water, and these people that it was killing were workers that worked on top of these huge lilypad like things on top of the water--I think they were harvesting something- I don't know what. (Sorry the details of the dream are a little hazy, but I can't believe how much of it I remember!) So this animal would come up from the water and pull the person off of their lily pad and drag them under the water. None of the bodies ever came back up so they didn't know how the animal was killing it's victims. So anyway. I'm sitting at home watching this on the news right? wrong! All of the sudden instead of watching it from the safety and comfort of my home I am magically transported to my own lilypad down in South America somewhere looking at the water below me. Then instead of pulling me down the animal comes out of the water and is looking directly into my eyes. This is the scariest animal ever. It looks like a monkey with a huge mouth with tons of sharp teeth. It had this yellow kind of hair, but it lived underwater. Anyway, in my dream the monkey animal kills me and I remember thinking, "so, that's how the monkey kills all of those people" because he didn't eat me or anything, he just carved me up with his huge set of teeth. Then I woke up after I figured out what he was doing to all of those people.
I'm not sure why I'm telling you this, but I think I can come up with a couple of reasons. 1)It's rather unique that I can remember the dream. 2) It was, to quote Emperor Koozko "scary beyond all reason". 3) I think it was my brain telling me I have way too many things going on and although I'm all cool and collected on the outside, the inside of my body is on hyper-drive and it's about to overheat.


  1. Bryant said...

    I bet that animal was the chupacabra: that thing loves to kill stuff in South America, just ask any mexican. Plus, isn't there some rule that you're supposed to wake up if you die in a dream? I think TV taught that to me.  

  2. Heather said...

    So, is the chupacabra a legend or an actual animal? Yeah, I think everytime I die in a dream I have to wake up, because what happens next? I've never dreamt about heaven before.  

  3. Anonymous said...

    hey. sam here. i think the rule is that you're supposed to wake up BEFORE you die in your dream, cuz if you don't...well, catch ya in the afterlife. ha ha.  


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