Soccer and Carmel Brownies

So this last week as you all know was my first week back at school. It went really well and I am pretty excited for this semester. Yep, things are looking up for Heather Higgins.
My friend, Bryant, told me about him wanting to start an intramural soccer team and that he was wanting a coach for the team. So after he signed up for the team he made me the coach. We had our first practice on Saturday. It went really well, and Bryant said the guys on the team like me as a coach. So anyway, we start out practice with a half field scrimage 5 on 5, no goalie. This let me see their skill level and some of the things they needed to work on. Most of the guys on the team haven't played soccer in a long time, a few had cleets and some even had shin gaurds. We have a marathon runner on our team, and he just kept going and going. We also have a rugby player on our team and he is super aggressive (great defender!). I found out that Bryant signed us up to be in division one because that was all that was left. So, division one equals highest team level. So, apparently our team of guys who haven't really played soccer before are going to be playing against other soccer teams that have guys that have been playing soccer their whole life. It's going to be a rough season.
So yesterday I made Sunday dinner for my apartment. Before going to church I made my family's famous carmel brownies, so I could put them in the fridge while I was cooking everything else after church. When we got home from church we were all starving so we decided to cut into the carmel brownies before dinner. I think I used too much evaporated milk with the cake mix, because they were a bit crumbly. I think dinner was a success. I made up my own recipe for mashed potatoes and used a spicy carribean marinade for the chicken that we put on top of our spinach salad. The mashed potatoes were heavenly! And following dinner we finished off the carmel brownies. Today is a holiday and I feel like being lazy, but I've got to get some studying done. Ah well.



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