So, I've come to a cross-roads in my life. I have some major decisions to be making, and I am having a hard time choosing between my options. The problem is, both of my options are good things. Both of them would benefit me and others. In both cases I would be growing, learning and preparing. I can't outweigh one option with the other. I am having a hard time with this and it has been taking a lot out of me. I guess the good thing is, I know that whichever I choose will make me happy; they may be in different ways, but still happy. So, anyway. This is what has been occupying my time and energies lately, and with school and work on top of that, I'm just super busy.
I went to the Referral Center at the MTC on Sunday morning. It was so much fun! Non-LDS people would call in asking for a free book of Mormon, or a free Finding Faith in Christ video, and I got to tell them about the Book/video and bare testimony and ask them if they would like church "representatives" to come tell them more about Jesus Christ and His teachings. I was pretty nervous starting out, but then got more comfortable, and just thoroughly enjoyed the experience!


  1. Renee said...

    That sounds like it would be fun to do. I worked in inbound and outbound (gag) telemarketing for years so I don't think I'd be nervous. But I'm sure as heck nervous when I go visit less active members. Why is that? More personal, I guess.  

  2. Heather said...

    I think I get nervous because I know what I am telling them is really important. If I say something that somehow offends them or they misinterpret it, then maybe they will lose all interest in the church.  


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