doing nothing

Doing nothing seems to be the best college activity. It requires little to no effort, anyone can do it, it's FREE! It wastes valuable study time (always a good thing...), it makes whatever it is not boring actually because it has a title-- "What are you doing tonight?" "I dont know probably Nothing."
Last night I made waffles for me, my roommates and that guy who came with the apartment. They were pretty darn good, but my waffle maker is the belgian variety so I was thinking "I wish I had some homemade whip cream and fresh strawberries to put on these babies!" But we didn't have either of those two things so they just got topped with butter and syrup.
Today we have soccer practice (for the men's intramural team that I am coaching). After losing 7-0 in our game on Wednesday I see we have a lot of work to do--if we don't want to lose as bad as last time. So last week we said practice at 10 am and everybody showed up at 10:30. I hate that about Utah! Why can't people just BE ON TIME! I'm a pretty passive person, so I never mentioned how annoying it was that I was there at 10, they all showed up at 10:30 and practice didn't end then until 12. Anyway. Hopefully everyone will come, and be there at 10.



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