I'm still awesome

I was reminded by an old friend of something I did when I was a Freshman here at the BYU. There were four of us on my hall that had three or four classes together, including a calculus class that required us to do homework every night. So the four of us congregated in the mezzanine (upstairs above the lobby in the dorms) and cracked jokes and messed around while eating snacks bought from our "fake money" dining plus cards.. and attempted to work on our calculus homework. Every time we went up to study in the mezzanine without fail, someone would be downstairs playing "the clapping game"--at least that is what I imagined was happening down in the lobby. One day I just couldn't take it anymore, and in a fit of rage I yelled out, "Man, someone's playing that clapping game again!" For a second all was quiet as the other girls looked at each other wondering what on earth I was talking about. Soon you could see the light bulbs flashing in their heads and they were all rolling with laughter as I stared at them blankly. When one of the girls could finally manage to get a few words out of her mouth, she kindly explained to me that no one was clapping downstairs. You see, we had a pool table in our lobby, and that was the clapping noise I had been hearing all that time. You are probably wondering why I have told you all this story. It is simply because I needed to remind you of how awesome I am. So, I think that about does it.


  1. Maggie said...

    You ARE pretty awesome. I need to talk to you.  

  2. Renee said...

    That is hilarious! I, too, am awesome, and have had some moments of frustration that were caused by something completely not what I thought. LOL  


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