A few free moments all to myself, I will spend them...writing a new, good post. Or at least a new one, you can be the judge of the good part.
So for this summer you can count on each of my posts saying something about Matt and I getting married. If that kind of thing erks you, or something along those lines feel free to exit my blog
I decided that I will be changing the theme of my blog, it will be called "Why I love Mathew Schaffer with all of my heart" actually, no it won't, but that would be pretty sappy of me (I'm not really much of a romantic, except for when it comes to the movie Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and other type hits).

There are several reasons why I have become an unfaithful blogger. I will make a list.

  1. Matt is in Utah and I am in Arizona, we try to find every possible way to be communicating at all times.
  2. I work full time in Phoenix, that means leaving the house at 7 and being back home between 5 and 6, sometimes later (like the time I went to Grandma Higgins's after getting off of work at 5:30 to make peach jam and didn't get home until 10).
  3. Living with my family requires me to do lots of family stuff-which is a good thing, but certainly does keep me away from my blog. Like getting off work and going straight to my sister's track meet (her relay team won first place at their regional championships, Paige is a sprinting fiend), to Parker's jazz band concert (he plays the drums like a madman), to Chandler and Hayden's coach-pitch softball games, etc.
  4. Living with my family also means sharing the internet/computer with 6 other people, who usually like to be using the computer at the only times I can use it. Also the reliable computer is in my parents room and I can't just go in and use it anytime I please, like say when my parents are sleeping (However, my dad and Matt recently-and by recently I mean three nights ago-set up my lap top's wireless though, so that means I no longer have to wait for my turn on the computer).
  5. Planning for my wedding is taking up a lot of my freetime, this is also a good thing though...
All right I think that's about it for my list of why I'm a bad blogger. Since I have the internet on my laptop now I should be writing on here plenty more. Also in case you were wondering I've made a count know for my wedding day, um it's 91 days until Matt and I get married. So, that's my post.


  1. Maggie said...

    Dear the Heat,
    It is so good that you are now back. I love to hear about your family and how they're doing! I'm so glad that Paige did well in track. I thought Parker was thinking about quitting band or some such nonsense. I'm glad he didn't. I'm also glad to know that you're being consumed by something so GREAT! I miss you tons and I can't wait to see you! Your photos are great! Also, do you have a paper chain counting down the days? Mine is SO SHORT now! I'm getting pretty excited. Now if I can just manage to pass my classes things will end up all right! Love YOU!  


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