So a week from tomorrow I turn 20. Okay, is that old? Because I think it is. My roommate Toria is turning 20 three days before that, and for Tuesday dinner at Greg's we're making it a birthday celebration! We're going to have turkey dinner, with mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, stuffing, pies for dessert...the whole nine yards. I'm pretty excited, and I can't wait for Toria to get home (and by home I mean Provo, not where she currently is back home in AZ). I miss having roommates.
My cousin is getting married on Friday (the day after my birthday) I am one of her bride's maids and my parents are flying in for the wedding. They get in on the afternoon of the 5th and we're going out for my birthday, probably up in SLC (my choice for dinner...I don't know what to pick though, so many choices!). Then the wedding all day Friday, which is cutting into the end of my semester-I have finals the next week. My parents are flying back to Phoenix on the 7th in the afternoon and I am their chauffer.


  1. Maggie said...

    I don't think I told you this yet, but I have your present. I got it for you like a month ago, but I didn't want to ship it when I was going to see you right around your birthday. Now it looks like I wont see you for a while after your big day. That's ok. It will just make your special day last longer.  


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