Things change

This morning I had my anatomy lab. We were learning about the heart and the major arteries in the body (very fascinating stuff). RB, my TA, was right in the middle of telling us what three arteries the celiac trunk splits into when all of the sudden we hear the fire alarm go off! It was as if we had lost everything we had learned all those years we did fire drills in school. We all just stood around for a minute thinking to oursleves "can't we just ignore the fire alarm and get on with the lesson or do we have to evacuate the building?" This took me back to my high school days when kids were hopping out of their desks all excited because they new the fire drill would a. get them out of class and b. allow them to find their friends and talk to them during the fire drill. It's funny that the reaction to the fire alarm was completely opposite of what it used to be. In fact I was kind of annoyed at the fire alarm, we need the cadavers to study on. The T.A. teaches us all of the body parts we need to know on the cadaver at lab and then the next lab we are quizzed on where all of these things are located on the cadaver. We ended up having RB finish teaching us all of the arteries outside just using a diagram in our lab manual. It is kind of cool that I love the class so much I didn't want to have my time in the class cut short.
It looks like Maggie's the only one who has come up with some new titles for my blog, how come I knew that was going to happen?
Oo, Maggie last night David says to me "what's this?" pointing at the muscle under his armpit, and I say "that's the serratus anterior" and then he says "it hurts"!! I bet you're getting soooo excited!
It looks like I'm going to get to go camping this weekend after all. Not to Yellowstone, but still camping.


  1. Maggie said...

    Oh man! That story about David got me SO EXCITED! I was jumping up and down in my seat! I asked Dan what something was, but he hasn't taken anatomy yet and he didn't know and I just thought, "I can't wait until I get to see Heath!" Anyway, I love you and I miss you.

    Next you should do, "Sometimes I just sit back and think to myself, Man I'm awesome" That was a good one.  


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