Hay Den!

My family came up to Utah this summer to go to Aspen Grove. When they got to my apartment we were chatting when my brother informed me that the four youngest had ranked themselves in order of weirdness (did I mention my family is awesome?). Chandler was weird, Paige weirder, Parker weirdest and Hayden weirdester. So, I guess you can figure out that Hayden is pretty awesome.
My mom gets really excited about things. I mean she jumps up and down and hollers and just gets so excited about anything. All of the kids in our family are more like my dad. We're all pretty mellow and relaxed. If we are excited about something you can't really tell, because we don't express our excitement out loud (the way I do it is by thinking about whatever it is that's getting me so excited constantly in my head to the point where I can't really concentrate on anything else). Hayden is the only kid that's more like my mom. She does the same kind of things my mom does, and then some. She gets really silly telling jokes that make no sense whatsoever, for example Q: Why did the three-legged chicken cross the road? A: Blue. And then she would proceed to laugh histerically at herself and this great joke she's told. She just kind of gets the giggles. It's pretty funny though. Anyway, that's something I really like about Hayden, it doesn't take much to get her laughing and smiling.



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