So here's some about Brooke

Since Brooke and I are only two years apart we grew up very close with each other. She is one of my very best friends. Something that I like about Brooke is that she is very blunt. You don't have to worry about if she is just saying something to be nice or whatever. If the shirt you are wearing is ugly she'll say you should probably change. I like it that way, the last thing I want to do is go out of the house with an ugly shirt on. You get the idea, right?
I've always wanted to be just like Brooke, everything she did, I did. Well except for the part about getting married and having a kid all be for she turned 20. She's amazing! She just had her second child, and was sending out her baby announcements just two days after he was born!
I'm going to list some things I love about her now:
1. She is very thoughtful, she cares about everyone, and always remembers when something big is happening to them so she can bring them a gift or treat, or a helping hand.
2. She is always smiling and is positive. You would never be able to tell if she was struggling with something because she is too happy to be upset.
3. She loves her family (she has two boys and you can already tell that Nixon is a momma's boy, shh...don't tell Nate!)
4. She is very responsible, when she was having her first child I never felt like she was too young for the job, It's hard to believe she's only two years older than me with the kind of responsibilities she fulfills.
5. She is so funny, I am always laughing when I am around her.
6. She is a great example to me and my family, of working towards a temple marriage.
7. She is Martha Stewart Jr. minus all of that stock market scamming thing.
8. She is beautiful, inside and out.
9. She has always included me in her circle of friends, even in high school she would invite me to hang out with her and her friends.
10. She has always made me think that I am beautiful and worth something, she has always supported me and helped me feel better about myself. She never questions the decisions I make, and is kind to remind me of who I am and the standards I wish to live up to.



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