So, I should be doing my pysics, but my physics tutor is nowhere to be seen. Actually he is at the Varsity Theatre watching the foreign film "Twilight Samurai". So really I'm just filling up the space between now (8:30 pm) and an hour from now when I have a soccer game to coach...9:30 pm! Starting a soccer game! Oh well, it's going to be okay. So, I'm trying to think of what I wanted to write about. All I'm coming up with is how awesome my family is. So, here's a few things about my family:
My Dad-
He's only 5'4" and was a gymnast growing up. Something I remember about him when I was little, is that I thought he was the strongest man in the world. He would walk around on his hands, and just seemed to have the hugest muscles! Plus he is so funny. My little sister Chandler used to gallop around our house, and my Dad would join in with her galloping around the house. Well, Chandler is much too old (7) to gallop around the house now, but my Dad's not! He still trots along holding the reigns of the horse in front him.
My Mom-
Now you're probably curious as to how tall my mom is, she is also 5'4", and the best part is when we measure them they are exactly the same height. So the thing that comes to mind about growing up with my mom is Holidays. My mom LOVES holidays. We ate pink heart-shaped pancakes with pink applesauce and pink juice for Breakfast on Valentine's Day and got a present from cupid. Last year my parents came up for Conference and my mom was shocked to see that I didn't have up any Halloween decorations yet. I said, "Mom, it's only been October for two days, you have to give me some to put up my decorations" to which she responded, "Heather, you only have thirty-one days to celebrate Halloween!" We celebrate every holiday at home too, I mean my mom has decorations for Groundhog's Day. Groundhog's Day! And she'll make us "groundhog" (sausage) for breakfast on Groundhog's Day.
Okay that's a good start. Stay tuned for more stories of how awesome my family is (there's still 4 sisters and a brother to go).


  1. Sam said...

    I have to ask - what does your mom use for Groundhog Day decorations??

    And how did you add the "More blogs for your pleasure" link on the side? I'm new to all of this!  

  2. Heather said...

    We have a puppet groundhog that she puts up with all of our Valentine's decorations. About adding "more blogs for your pleasure" I just fiddled around with the template until I got it right. If you want I can email you a copy of my template so you can see how it is set up.  


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