Spring term I was re-taking two classes, Physics 105 and Chem 106. The first time I took physics I actually didn't do that bad in it, but it just wasn't good enough. Chemistry however I got a D in, yeah not even a D+. So my goal for spring term was to get better grades in the two classes than the first go. Well, I would like to let you all know that I did just that! I totally rocked physics with an A-, and can you believe I got a C in chemistry! I got a whole letter grade higher in the class, I was just hoping for a D+, man that is so awesome! I just wanted to share with you all how awesome that is.
So today at work we had a special meeting, it was good for two reasons: 1. (The lesser of the two good reasons) I only had to do actual work for 2 1/2 hours as opposed to 4 hours 2. We were discussing our upcoming BYU Law Library Technical Services First Annual trip to Yellowstone National Park! --Did you like how I built that up...man I'm such a talented writer-- You don't even know how excited I am for this trip, I have never been to Yellowstone before, I've never seen a real (live) buffalo before, I've never seen the tetons (is that how you spell it? We are driving back home through Jackson, Wyoming). Yeah, all of the stuff we're going to be doing I've never done, except for the whole camping/hiking thing, I've definitely done that before. The ONLY draw-back to the whole adventure is that it has been a personal goal of mine to never go to Idaho. I will have to spend a considerable amount of time in Idaho to get to our final destination of the Grant Village campsite. I will be the only one in my family who has ever been in Idaho. I just don't know how I feel about it. I can't back out now though, I am one of the drivers, and we already set up cooking groups. My group is cooking the first breakfast and the second lunch. Man this is going to be great, if you think I am missing from July 22nd to the 25th, I'm not actually missing, I'm just far off in a better place watching Old Faithful um...erupt(?) and sipping lemonade.


  1. Maggie said...

    North Idaho is so beautiful! You should see it sometime. There are tons of lakes and everything. You just have to deal with the crazies, which usually isn't all that bad. I'm so excited you get to go on a vacation this summer! YEAH! Way to go on the grade improvement too! Hope you're enjoying yourself!  


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