In case you were wondering...

I think Arizona sunsets are a gift from God.
I am happy at BYU.
I think garlic is good in just about everything.
when I get stressed out I take my frustrations out on the people around me.
I've never seen an R-rated movie.
all my life I have planned on going on a mission, I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to.
every member of my family is one of my heroes.
I think the human body is so fascinating, and I get so excited learning more about it and how it works.
I ate some Black pepper jack Doritos for a snack at work today.
they were pretty sick.
the only place I've been to out of the country is Canada.
I've made it a goal to go to Europe at sometime in my life.
green beans are the most disgusting things I have ever eaten, the scent of them makes me gag.
I would rather change a dirty diaper than have a balloon near me.
I don't like scary movies because I get so sucked into them they make me cry.
a bird eats over half its body weight in a day.
when your mom says you eat like a bird, she's actually telling you that you eat over half of your body weight.
don't tell your mom that though, because she will get mad at you.
I think basketball is a very hard sport.
this is because I don't know how to shoot, and I am short.
sometimes I am a smart-aleck. (I'm not sure if there is a proper spelling for that)
I agree with the theory 'everything is better with cheese'.
when I was four I thought I could fly.
I jumped off the bleachers at my parents' softball game and landed on my face.
I got stitches.
I also jumped off an electrical box.
I broke my arm.
this was while my family was on vacation in San Diego.
I've eaten sushi.
I don't love it or hate it.
soccer is pretty much the best sport ever.
I am a size six in shoes.
unless they are boy shoes, then it's a size 4 or 5.
in general my favorite classes at BYU have been my religion classes.
I am so grateful I have been able to live with Maggie through my college experience.
I will be very sad without her next year.
I have to go to class now.


  1. Maggie said...

    "Cream Cheese is a secret ingredient for lots of delicious meals."

    You forgot to say that you are loved by everyone around you and they would miss you greatly if you weren't here.  

  2. Kim said...

    You also forgot to say that you have really cool glasses and shoes.  

  3. Sam said...

    Great post. :)  

  4. Katie said...

    Cute post Heath. Did mags tell you about the top my mom and I picked out for the bridesmaids?  

  5. Heather said...

    Yes, the blouse is gorgeous, good pick.  

  6. Anonymous said...

    your mormon?  

  7. Heather said...

    yes, I am.  


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